Running 20 in the Georgian hills

This morning I ran a score of miles in the northeast part of Georgia, by Auburn.  Longest run evah for this boyo, and it will be the longest run in our marathon training plan, but we will do 20 once more.

Was surprised (not really, I've been looking it up all week) how cold it was for this part of the country, 24F, a stiff wind chill (you call this Teh South??!!10110one1!!).  At least there's no snow, and the sun came out and warmed things up a bit.  But it was very hilly.

NBBW remarked that distance-wise it would be like running from Albert Lea to New Richland (or Austin, if you took the back-roads).

It would also be like running from:  Park Rapids to the Itasca State Park, Menahga to Osage, Murphy City to Silver Bay, Perham to Detroit Lakes, Sebeka to Huntersville, Scandia to Stacy, or Mpls to St. Paul.

Got a huge blood blister on the pinkie left toe - drained it and daubed it with tea tree oil - hope it heals up before the next long run.

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