Natch: Recovery

Doing these long training runs, I've been much more focused on recovery afterwards.

Some things I've read is that it's important to eat/drink right away to replenish what you have spent, which is kinda funny cause I am the least bit hungry right after a long run where I have had to force myself to eat Gu throughout (or NBBW's latest find Huma Chia energy gel - it doesn't freeze up like the Gu does when running in freezing temps).

What the 'experts' recommend for recovery:  Eat carbs early,  protein late.  Eat consistently.  Eat 2 hours prior to exercising (so you aren't spending calories on digesting).  And eat immediately (within 30 min) after a hard workout.

I also think cross-training the next day and even a light run to stretch out sore muscles is good for recovery.  And hoppy beer.

2 thoughts on “Natch: Recovery”

  1. So speaking of beer, I am enjoying a delicious Cheap black lager (post to follow). I have been saving it for months for a special occasion. So happens that I am watching the premier episode of Game of Thrones. Seems pretty special.

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