Australian League Playoff Preview

For once, I get a playoff preview done before the playoffs start.

As always, we start with the regular-season standings:

Perth, 32-14
Sydney, 23-23
Canberra, 22-24
Melbourne, 22-24
Adelaide, 21-25
Brisbane, 18-28

The top three teams go to the playoffs.  As you can see, there was a tie for third place.  Unfortunately, Australian League rules to not allow for a play-in game, although they'd have plenty of time for one.  Instead, Canberra was awarded third place based on head-to-head victories during the regular season.

It's a two-round playoff system.  In the first round (called the "preliminary final"), the second and third place teams play each other in a best-of-three series.  This year, that means Sydney plays Canberra.  The winner then takes on the first place team, Perth, in another best-of-three series to determine the league champion.  The preliminary final will be held this weekend, and the final final will be held the following weekend.

One thought on “Australian League Playoff Preview”

  1. Three teams at or a game below .500, and another a few games below that. Everyone needs to figure out what Perth did to be so much better.

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