Curling on the Rocks

Your spiel log for Men's & Women's Round Robin Sessions 3-4.

Men's Round Robin Session 3 (Tuesday, 4am CST)
  • UK 7, Germany 6
  • Sweden 7, Canada 6
  • Norway 9, Russia 8
  • China 9, US 4
Men's Round Robin Session 4 (Tuesday, 11pm CST)
  • US vs Denmark
  • Norway vs Germany
  • China vs Switzerland
Women's Round Robin Session 3 (Tuesday, 9am CST)
  • UK 12, US 3
  • Switzerland 8, Korea 6
  • China 7, Russia 5
  • Japan 8, Denmark 3
Women's Round Robin Session 4 (Wednesday, 4am CST)
  • Canada 9, UK 6
  • China 7, US 4
  • Japan 8, Russia 4
  • Sweden 7, Korea 4

141 thoughts on “Curling on the Rocks”

  1. Very blah USA match but fantastic Canada/Swiss pairing. Both teams with multiple superb shots at the end.

    1. So despite the blah matches, are you essentially saying I should go watch the replay to see the endings?

      After looking up the result of the US match, I see I misread your comment. I will not go watch the replay of that one.

    1. At this point, for me, the Olympics are synonymous with watching Debbie McCormick lose. I think I've seen enough of that for a lifetime.

      Not one of these streams is on the right channel so far, though. One was tuned to some MTV reality dreck, even.

      1. This is the first women's draw (to be nitpicky, the term 'draw' refers to the matches while 'spiel'refers to the tournament) I've been able to watch, but the US body language is not the most confident sort of thing I've ever seen.

          1. Eh, I knew what you meant, at least. Overall, I'm impressed by your knowledge of the game. You should come out to the club sometime and take it in, and a beer or two. I'm there Sunday nights at either 5 or 7 (I skip that night) and Thursday nights at either 7 or 9 (playing vice) if you ever wanted to come check it out.

            1. Thanks! I'm just an amateur observer.

              We'll have to coordinate; I'd totally dig coming down to the club to check it out and grab a beer.

              1. We've got a rotating tap in which we've upgraded the beer through member donations, so there's always at least one good beer on hand. If there's a night you feel like coming down, let me know and I'll let you know what time we're at. Its 7:00 Thursday and Sunday this week.

  2. Switzerland perfectly guarded a rock at the back of the house, forcing Korea to draw for one. This is already the most strategic spiel draw I've seen in these Olympics.

  3. She can do a run-back takeout on this and score some points, or she can draw for one in a week in which she's drawing like ass and lost two bad draws already. Go for broke Erika!

  4. The Swiss burn one, and we're at 1-0 Korea after three ends. Pitcher's duel!

    I love this stuff even more than I remembered. When are all the Canadian tournaments? I have to find a way to watch them.

    1. You can usually find the Canadian tournaments streaming on youtube at no charge. I'll try to find the link for you.

  5. Oh man, that was an unfortunate bounce for SUI on that guard take out attempt. Left a perfect center guard for S. Korea.

  6. How are people watching? If there's enough interest, I might be able to setup a VPN in London for watching the BBC.

  7. Daaaaaamn. At least if anyone ever gives Debbie crap for Vancouver, she can always say "at least I wasn't skip in Sochi".

      1. It was absolutely pathetic. As late as her last stone Brown was talking about "holding them to two ." Well, you held them from eight.

            1. The replay wasn't even all that because all we see is the last GB stone, not the mistakes (and GB successes) that built up to it.

  8. I had to fiddle with my Flash settings to get NBC Online to work, but it's made things incredibly unstable. I can't get it to load this morning. Lots of sad puzzle pieces.

        1. Given the casualness of Curling (stopping stones before they hit the sides, calling out the score before the rocks stop moving) even at the high levels and the sports culture of South Korea (where complaining you were robbed by cheating that the officials ignored appears to be the acceptable way to lose*), I'm surprised that the Koreans have enough interest in the sport to have a team qualify.

          *A generalization based on watching various Olympic competitions over time. I'm not saying it's bad, just not my favorite.
          There is something wonderfully cocky, in an Ali/Bonds way, in not admitting defeat, even in defeat.

  9. My laptop is really bugging me. It worked like a charm last night, now I can't get Flash to load. Time for more fiddling, I guess. At least I have my phone to hold me over.

    1. Oof. How much of that was on Brown?
      She does not instill confidence.
      Maybe watching Norberg last two Olympics spoilt me to ice-veined skips, thinking any national-team skip should be hardened to the pressure.

      1. Brown's made some very questionable calls and has really struggled with executing her shots. I'd hang a fair bit of this loss on her.

  10. I really wish the Swiss were throwing the red stones. I know South Korea also has red on their flag, but as a percentage it's much lower than Switzerland. It looks funny to me on the score icon in the corner to not have the red stones and red flag line up.

    1. I wish the stones were red and blue or red and green. I'm not a fan of yellow in sports, Padres excepted.

      1. Red and blue is pretty common. I like the red and yellow because that's the same as the Madison club stones.

            1. Actually, come to think of it, that could be done because the tops can be swapped out. It would just take a long time to do and delay things if a team wanted a different color.

              1. The round robin matches are set well in advance, so if teams get their requests in early enough maybe it would work.

            1. Or they can be cheap assholes like the Milwaukee curling club and get used stones that don't match each other.

            2. Out of the $50B they've spent on the Olympics, that should not be a big deal. For your average city league, of course that'd be completely unreasonable.

      1. How about the Olympic committee supplies the actual stones, but each country brings their own handles. Then you could get them all done up like goalie or skeleton helmets.

      2. How about the Olympic committee supplies the actual stones, but each country brings their own handles? Then you could get them all done up like goalie or skeleton helmets. I think I'm on to something here.

        1. They would have to be compatible with the magnetic sensors used on the hog lines. I'm not sure if that's standardized or not, or how much time it would take to swap handles equipped with sensors.

  11. With four stones left in the entire draw, the guy providing the only stream I found is asleep at the wheel and now I've got nothing but a shot of the Google UK toolbar. You've got to be kidding me...

    1. ...I guess I'll head to work now and pretend I just saw the most amazing tenth end in history after investing nearly three hours. Oh live by the stream, you die by the stream.

  12. Nice effort and a well played game by the South Koreans, but they just didn't quite have enough in the end.

    1. Tell me about it. I've been on hold four times for about 90 minutes total this evening.

      'Kinda Forbidden Zone-y' SelectShow
    1. I liked it too. Anyone still up to watch this is almost certainly old enough to know, and probably use, those words themselves.

        1. A little simplistic, but I'm sure he's under direction from higher-ups to be that way. I rather like him.

  13. I'm giving the USA through the 2nd end to get their collective shit together or I'm switching to NOR-GER

  14. OK, nice response. I'm on USA-DEN for the 3rd, but I've got a hair trigger. Any glaring fuckups and I'm outski from here on out.

  15. This is the first time I am watching the online feed.
    As a person who does not know the ins and outs of curling, I miss the commentary the NBC crew provides. I kind of know whats going on, but cant figure out the strategy

  16. And US loses to China, 7-4 I think. They were down 5-4 in the final end with China having the hammer. US women drop to 0-4 now.

    1. And that's it for curling coverage, meh. Still quadrupled the amount I've seen so far. *shakes fist at time difference*

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