Stone Free

Your log for Men's & Women's Round Robin Sessions 5-6.

Men's Round Robin Session 5 (Wednesday, 9am CST)
  • UK 4, Switzerland 2
  • China 11, Germany 7
  • Denmark 8, Sweden 5
  • Canada 7, Russia 4
Men's Round Robin Session 6 (Thursday, 4am CST)
  • Canada vs. Denmark
  • Russia vs. Switzerland
  • US vs. UK
  • Sweden vs. Norway
Women's Round Robin Session 3 (Wednesday, 11pm CST)
  • Switzerland vs. Sweden
  • Canada vs. Denmark
  • UK vs. China
  • Japan 8, Denmark 3
Women's Round Robin Session 4 (Thursday, 9am CST)
  • Switzerland vs. Canada
  • Sweden vs. Denmark
  • US vs. Japan
  • Russia vs. Korea

83 thoughts on “Stone Free”

  1. Looks like qualification goes through Monday, so maybe I'll be able to participate on the weekend.

  2. Ugh, that banner.

    I'm on RUS-CAN at the moment, but its starting to look like Canada has them pretty well out-classed so I may switch to that SUI-UK draw.

    1. Then again, the Russian third just made a sweet triple, so maybe I'll stick it out for another end.

    2. Figured you'd catch that pretty quickly. I had a dickens of a time finding a decent shot of it.

  3. Tight, brisk game so far with the Swiss & UKers. A nice change of pace from the other curling I've been watching.

  4. UK skip's stone rolls out after his takeout, so they get one & lose the hammer headed into the 4th.

    1. I'm trying to switch over, but the NBC Live Extra App is not the greatest thing anyone has ever developed.

      1. It's kind of the opposite, innit. Somehow it's continued to run an audio feed of the previous stream along with the new audio feed several times when I've switched streams.

        1. I don't have that problem. I'm just getting issues with the whole app loading when I want to change streams or if I have to close it to check something else on my phone and then re-open it. For some reason, it is a dumb app and won't just keep going in the background when I switch to a different program.

  5. Any idea where I can find frickin updated round robin standings? The CBC is blocked here and no one else, not even the BBC, has them.

      1. They did a pretty good job of limiting GB to one with the way the Brits are curling today.

        I really want a photo of the Swiss skip with "I've made a huge mistake" on it that I can pull out when he misses, though.

  6. Germany is down by 1 in the 10th without the hammer, but is doing a nice job of setting up the steal.

  7. I think I'm rooting for the Swiss women. Mirjam Ott's team has been #2 to Annette Norberg's for so long, now that Norberg has retired, this is Ott's chance.
    (Ignore the fact that she/they came in fourth in 2010.)

  8. I'm probably not gonna watch tonight. I'm crashing at a different friend's tonight, not my pseudo-home, so I'm not gonna stay up all night and bother him.

  9. No one's here tonight?
    Mags, you'd be happy that the Swiss Misses have the Red Rocks, while the Swedes have yellow.
    Yellow Swedes

    1. Well after watching two ends, Ott is Erika Brown except knowing that she was once the best and couldn't bring home the gold.
      She looks like a Cleveland Browns fan.

      I'm switching to Scotland-China.

    1. The Scots growl nicely and in English and the Chinese won the last Bronze.
      SWI-SWE is two countries that have Two Golds, a Silver, and a 4th place in the last two Olympics.
      CAN-DEN looks like it's closer than should be expected.

  10. Muirhead just did a great little takeout/push-in-roll thing where if she'd messed up it could have let China steal one but they got two. Looked tricky to me, but then Muirhead says "No Sweat". Things you miss when countries outside US/UK/CAN/AUS play.

  11. I like the Chinese shirts, Red with a Yellow dragon on one shoulder and then onto the back.

    I guess when in doubt, always go with dragons.

  12. Two nice draws by Sloan, the Scots third, while the Chinese third, Liu, did a great double takeout between them.

    Second draw no match for Liu, either, who takes it out.

      1. Chinese fourth Wang draws for one, they must have decided that the other Scots stone was closer.

        Scots have the hammer back and a one-point ("point"?) lead, coming into the 8th.

  13. I see that as soon as I ditched the HotCocoa-Rutabaga draw, Ott got three, and then kept the Swedes to one.
    It's 6-8 with a Swiss hammer.

    Chinese Timeout!

      1. Oh wait, no! Wang froze it on the button.
        She is good at getting the rock to stop on the T-line.
        And the Chinese would have only been sitting three with the double.

  14. If Muirhead can draw to the button here, they win.
    If Wang was throwing this stone, I'd be fairly certain of it.

      1. In the other matches, Switzerland tied it up 8-8 in the 9th only to have Sweden get the one with their hammer.

        And Canada finally stopped toying with Denmark.
        The Danes tied up up at 5 in the 9th, but Canada took 3 in the 9th and Denmark conceded.

      2. Was that shot the equivalent to a mic drop? boom

        Im off to bed, hopefully to wake up in time to watch USA hockey

  15. US doesn't have the decency to last past 6:30 so I can watch them, losing to the UK. Now watching Canada-Denmark, 6-all in the tenth end. Oh wow, final shot by Denmark goes too far despite the house being empty. Canada with the hammer and easy chance to win.

  16. I don't know about anyone else, but its no question I'm starting with Canada-Switzerland this morning.

    1. I also say this as a straight man, but this is the first time I've watched the women's Canadian team and their third is a very good looking woman.

    1. And just like that Canada gets three with a wick off the guard that rested just at the edge of the four foot.

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