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      1. I watched it. It was a hard shot to win it, but a bit better chance to send it to an 11th. She whiffed it.
        Do I dare wake up early just to watch her choke again?
        Or watch her actually win her last Draw in the Olympics?

      2. You can watch a quick five highlight minute video of Ott's horrible 2010 Bronze-Medal draw here.
        From Down 1-5 to 6-6 to 12-6 loss

        1. Wow, amazing run-back on his red stone into the pile in the center for two from Brad Jacobs. If you watch no other end in this games, watch the third end of this one.

        2. Holy crap. Watching the Canadian replay.
          Chinese Skip just put it on the button with his last throw.
          Six rocks at least biting the 4-foot circle.
          One throw left from the Canuck. I know what the score's going to be but I gotta see this.

  1. China just played a hit with their last stone in the 9th with Canada sitting three in the house. No idea why he didn't freeze to one to cut them down since he gave CAN an easy take out for three more. 10-6 heading into the 10th, China with the hammer but I think this one is done.

    1. Just watched this.
      Erika Brown might have sent the hammer past the Chinese stone, but I doubt most international curlers would.

  2. I wish I could watch this Scotland-Sweden draw.
    Scotland down one with the hammer in the 10th.
    Can Murdoch do it again?

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          1. Wow. The Swedes would have been better if Edin had completely missed that shot and left the guard where it was. I think Edin got cocky.

    1. I woke up early to watch the end of the draw, but it had just finished, so I watched the last three ends on replay, knowing the result.
      Mirjam Ott in the Olympics is now the Buffalo Bills 1989/90-1992/93 followed by the 1985/86-1986/87 Cleveland Browns.

      I think it's time for me to change the saying.
      "Of all the Mirjam Otts in the world, you're the Mirjam Ottiest."

      1. Thanks American and Canadian press for not giving two flying f-bombs about such a tragic sports figure.
        All I could find about her in English-language reports was this:

        "It's not the right time to say, there are too many emotions right now," Ott, 42, said when asked if she would continue in the sport.

  3. I didn't realize that the Women's Gold Medal game started at 7:30 am Central.
    I thought it was 9:30 am. I think I got things confused because of our base-12 hours system.
    A 9:00 Sochi Start was an 11pm CST, so a 17:30 Sochi Start is 9:30.

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