2014 Game 4: Minnesota Twins at Cleveland Indians

Mike Pelfrey
Danny Salazar


Dozier, 2B
Mauer, 1B
Willingham, LF
Colabello, DH
Plouffe, 3B
Arcia, RF
Suzuki, C
Hicks, CF
Florimon, SS

Morgan, CF
Swisher, 1B
Kipnis, 2B
Santana, 3B
Brantley, LF
Cabrera, SS
Murphy, RF
Gomes, C
Chisenhall, DH

124 thoughts on “2014 Game 4: Minnesota Twins at Cleveland Indians”

    1. I kept meaning to call attention to that, since although I'm still stupidly paying money to watch this team (granted, I watch a lot of other games too), many of you are not.

        1. I couldn't watch the game on my phone without paying for the extras. Of course, the way the game went, that's probably for the better.

    1. Well then, maybe I'll be able to watch it if it starts up again because I'll be at home!

    2. UPDATE: The Indians just put the weather radar on their scoreboard to illustrate for fans why, though it's not raining at the moment, the game will not start as scheduled at 2 p.m. CDT. There's another line of storms moving into the area, but it looks relatively clear once it passes. So the tarp is on the field, and we're awaiting the rain, in hopes of playing the game without interruption afterward. The team has made no guess yet about when the game will begin.

      1. Nice. I'll probably be able to watch a large portion of this one, then.

        And, since it's a Pelfrey start, it'll be five hours, so even more baseball for me to watch!

        1. And, since it's a Pelfrey start, there's a good chance it'll feel like ten!

          I talked to a lot of these Indigenous Persons more than a few times in the offseason. I've got this awful suspicion that they're going to show up on my screen and, after years of loathing them, I'm going to be mildly happy when they score and such.

            1. Every year they fail to change, it becomes more difficult because there's an extra year of history, which MLB and its fans revere more than right and wrong.

              The fans yelling bigoted nonsense at the protesters are confounding. What are they fighting to protect? Have they even thought about that question?

              1. I... I knew it would be a bad idea, so I don't know why I did it. But.... the comments there... I don't even know anymore.

                1. I knew what I was going to find... Maybe not to the extent that I did. Not a single reply I saw had even a shred of common sense.

  1. I see Kipnis signed a 6-year/52m deal. A teammate of his talked to me about the negotiations and predicted almost exactly this. How loose-lipped ARE these people?

    1. 15 minutes earlier.

      Late start sucks, but not pausing for 30 minutes in the middle of the game is better.

  2. I am guessing that the Wolves-Heat game slated for later tonight is going to get shoved to FSN+

      1. Im guessing a terrible Twins team still out rates the Timberwolves, even with the Heat playing.

  3. Mike Berardino ‏@MikeBerardino
    4:15 central first pitch, they're telling us now

    1. "Almost as good as a HR"
      Bert saved it by saying "almost" but he does make a point that it shows good team effort. I think a 3-run HR does, too, but what do I know.

        1. A couple hundred perfect innings would be required if the Twins are going to win the next 159 games.

  4. Well, I can see why you'd take a chance to score there when you have Mr. Unclutch coming up next.

  5. Rain delay allows me to get teh Twin on the big screen after work. Indian squawkers tho.


  6. Let's note that Salazar, in three pitches, will reach the number that Silva pitched in a complete game shutout once.

    I'll never get over that.

      1. That I would not have remembered. I do remember the game, where I was sitting when I watched it, and that a very young Skim was rolling around on the floor and smiling at me during the game, and laughing whenever I cheered at the TV.

  7. Swings at a ball in the dirt. Har.

    Oh, and Francona still wearing oversized jackets. Get a tailor, Boyo!

  8. It's sad when I get more nervous when the Twins pitcher is pitching well. No hits for four innings and then a leadoff double. I hate when that happens. Nice to see Pelfrey go offspeed to get out of it. He'll need more of that.

    1. Yeah, but if you're going to start the runner, that's a good a time as any with a batter that rarely strikes out and has little power or speed. The guy didn't make contact, but that's the way it goes sometimes.

  9. Is it just me but or is a bunt kinda dumb there? Never mind. Freakin' Shisher.

  10. Holy crap! Went to the kitchen to move the fennel from the skillet to the Pyrex, and Craxville, Ark. happens.

    1. Baked Fennel with Parmesan:

      Take a fennel bulb and cut off the fronds from the base. Cut a cone shape to remove the core. Slice vertically into 1/4" slices.

      Cook the slices in butter (covered) until soft (5-7 minutes). Add 3/8 c. Half-and-half and 3/8 Creme fraiche.

      Move to a Pyrex baking dish and into a 400F pre-heated oven. Parmigiano reggiano over the top. Bake for 30 minutes.


      1. ooooh.

        I also enjoy shaved fennel as a salad. Good olive oil, salt, pepper, lemon juice, shaved Parmigiano.

  11. I feel like I heard from someone somewhere that it might just be a good idea to try to get your starters up to 7-plus innings during Spring Training so that they're ready for the same thing during the season.

  12. Cold early season games..

    I was in Norristown, PA for a work gig a number of years ago. Going back to my hotel, I was in a dark blue suit and the sun was really hot. I was going to a Phillies game with the local team that night, but decided to switch to polo shirt/shorts. Heh.

    As the sun went down, the temps dropped quickly, and I (the guy from Minnesota) was visually shaking from the cold. I remember going up to the restrooms (which were heated) and standing there thinking - man, am I going to be able to finish this?

    Minutes later, I was wearing my new Phillies hoodie sweatshirt, and surviving.

      1. Fangraphs rated the Twins as the 6th best pen. FG is the same group that had Seattle and Minny as #6 organization in back-to-back years when they both blew up.

  13. And the wheels start falling off. Not so sad I have somewhere to go to right now.

  14. Arcia got the balaclava going full-steam tonite. I'm thinking full-burkah would un-nerve a pitchah.

  15. Well, Cleveland clearly cheated, telling the Twins the game would start at 2:00 when it actually started at 4:15. You can't expect the Twins to prevail against such underhanded tactics. Assuming the league does not allow such shenanigans again, that should be the last loss of the year. We'll just have to settle for 159-3!

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