2014 Game 9: O(FFS)akland Athletics v. Minnes0-8ta Twins

9th time's the charm.

Oakland Athletics vs. Minnesota Twins
Target Field
1 Twins Way
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55403
12:10 PM CT

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Probable Starting Pitchers
Daniel Steven Straily
0-1, 4.50
Michael Alan Pelfrey
0-1, 5.06

Oakland Starting Lineup
Fuld, CF
Lowrie, SS
Donaldson, 3B
Moss, RF
Cespedes, LF
Callaspo, DH
Norris, D., C
Barton, 1B
Punto, 2B

Twins Starting Lineup
Mastroianni, RF
Dozier, 2B
Mauer, 1B
Colabello, DH
Kubel, LF
Plouffe, 3B
Pinto, C
Hicks, CF
Escobar, E., SS

38 thoughts on “2014 Game 9: O(FFS)akland Athletics v. Minnes0-8ta Twins”

      1. Nothing good can ever come from walking Punto.

        So let's do it a second time, shall we?

    1. I would submit that signing that contract given his previous performance was an enormous win for him.

  1. OFFS is right - that's a career .233/.312/.331 hitter with 6 total homeruns in more than 700 AB's.

    Later fellas.

  2. I just caught up with this game on the DVR with generous fast-forwarding.

    Not much worth saying.

  3. Hey, I was in a couple of meetings and had some other stuff to do. I'm back now, have the Twins made their comeback yet?

    1. In defense of the hitters, they haven't done this every game. The starters, on the other hand....

      1. AL-worst 6.35 ERA through 9 games.

        5th in the AL in OPS. First in OBP. Without the good hitting the Twins would likely be 1-8.

        1. I believe that one of these things have a better chance of heading back to towards the mean than the other.

        2. Make that 8 games. Baseball reference hasn't documented the carnage from this game yet.

    2. Well, Pelfrey walking Punto and giving up a dinger to Sam freaking Fuld has convinced me that for the sake of my sanity I will not watch or listen to any more games Pelfrey starts this season. Amen.

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