2014 Game 10: Kansas City Royals at Minnesota Twins

Night game!

Bruce Chen
Kyle Gibson

After a surprisingly pleasant start to the season, the suck has returned to Target Field. The Royals are not expected to be as good as the A's. That bodes well for avoiding another sweep.

Norichika Aoki, RF
Omar Infante, 2B
Eric Hosmer, 1B
Billy Butler, DH
Alex Gordon, LF
Salvador Perez, C
Mike Moustakas, 3B
Lorenzo Cain, CF
Alcides Escobar, SS

Brian Dozier, 2B
Joe Mauer, 1B
Trevor Plouffe, 3B
Chris Colabello, RF
Jason Kubel, LF
Josmil Pinto, DH
Kurt Suzuki, C
Aaron Hicks, CF
Pedro Florimon, SS

Still no Willingham. Time to update the chart.

94 thoughts on “2014 Game 10: Kansas City Royals at Minnesota Twins”

  1. The Royals won every series against the Twins last year. The Twins have lost every series opener this year. Hopefully, the fact that this is no one's home opener will help the Twins get over that hump. The Twins have lost the last 8 times when they went through home opening ceremonies, either at home or on the road. Apparently, they don't like lining up on the baseline.

      1. We enjoy them quite a bit as a quick appetizer (or, as is the case tonight, supper). Moreover, they're fairly low in calories and fat, and are easy to make.

  2. I'll chill with you guys for the next 40 minutes or so until I have to leave for curling.

    1. I don't know if you'll see this, but you should come up to Madison in October for the Halloween spiel. It's how we kick off our season and its a load of fun.

      1. I'll make a note of it. Can I crash on your couch? I'd offer to bring beer, but I fear insulting the cheapbrew.

        1. Absolutely. My skip is very good and I'm a good third, so if I can convince hj to come up, we could probably have a pretty good time. I'll keep you posted on details, but I do know it'll be October 24-26.

          Also, I'll never look a gift horse in the mouth when it's a very horse.

          1. Sixer of Lone Star tallboys it is. I'll definitely try to come up. Lots of factors into play, the biggest being will I have the funds & vacation time, as well as will I have the funds to keep playing over the summer and not be awful come October (especially if I'm going, I assume, to be throwing lead).

            1. Indeed. I wanted to bring it up early for those very reasons. (Though I'm only planning on playing once between now and October, so I'll be rusty anyway.)

    1. Looked like a very tight zone. This seems to be a common theme so far this year. I wonder if this is league-wide.

        1. Exactly. Offense has been down. The lowness of the strikezones has bothered me more than the total size.

          1. It will be a hard task. Better hitters tend to strikeout more and better pitchers do strikeout more. Shrinking the zone might have the effect of raising walk rates rather than reducing strikeouts or, more importantly, increasing balls in play. The latter is what I would like to see more of, albeit not from Twins pitchers.

            1. Right. It's not the most effective tool, but there aren't many tools at their disposal.

  3. An earned unearned run and a fairly decent job of getting himself out of trouble.

    Here's hoping Gibson doesn't emulate his co-workers' second inning habits.

  4. FSN with a graphic placing the Athletics second in MLB in starter ERA. The Twins made a solid effort to help there.

    1. Wow, pictures of Revere, Delmon, Valencia, Casilla, (Luke) Hughes, Tolbert, Capps

    1. Plouffe doubled, then Cola knocked him home with a singled then Kubel with a triple (looked like the RF dude caught hit, but it hit the wall)

  5. Haha. Lasting six and a third innings is worthy of a standing ovation.

    I mean, it totally is the best start by a Twin's starter all season by a mile, but still...

      1. Like an IED.

        Gor Gor with the game winner finishes with 12 points and 20 rebounds. All done without Love, Pek, Martin, Bud, etc.

        Can't for the life of me figure this club out, but they are showing some serious heart as this ultimately disappointing season winds down.

        1. I agree, the Wolves are all kinds of confusing. I'm not sure what to make of games like this one and the San Antonio game, but I wish they'd had a few more like it earlier in the season.

          1. Don't forget the heat game.

            Since they're going to finish 41-41, I feel confident saying that they've missed the playoffs because of BBarea-Ball.

    1. As Glen Sonmor once said about some Gretzky feat, that's the most unheard of thing I ever heard of! Amazing enough to lure me out of lurking. Though I think I'll head over Canis now and see what's Brewing.

      Go Twins!

      1. Whatever it is, I hope it's not as bitter as the last thing that was brewing over there.

        Also, welcome out of lurking, if only briefly.

    2. Here is the list of Timberwolves players that have scored 50+ points in the 25 years of the franchise

      Kevin Love -51 (2 OT)
      Corey Brewer - 51

      end of list.

      1. List of players in NBA history with 50+ points and 6+ steals in one game:

        Rick Barry
        Michael Jordan
        Allen Iverson
        Corey Brewer

        Which one of these is not like the other?

  6. What do the Twins and my curling team have in common? Big wins tonight. We curled with 3 people, one of whom was a replacement, and still won 8-3 in 7 ends. Bring on the celebratory Lone Star.

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