Game Recap #9: Brian Dozier 1, Nick Punto’s Revenge 6

Solo homers don't hurt you.   Two-run homers do.

Once again I find myself writing "The starting pitcher didn't do that badly except...."  In this case, it's that Mike Pelfrey didn't do that badly except for giving up a pair of two-run homers.  I think it shows how narrow the line between success and failure at the major league level can be.  A good player, and a good team, take advantage of opportunities the other team gives them, and doesn't give such opportunities to the other team.  A bad player, and a bad team, fails to take advantage of the opportunities the other team gives them and gives the other team too many of those opportunities.

None of that should be interpreted as me saying the Twins have been unlucky.  They are 3-6 because they deserve to be 3-6.  What it does say is that, even in a one-sided game, a few plays, a few pitches can make the difference between a tight game and a game in which one team wins easily.

On the other hand, even if Pelfrey had pitched well the Twins might have lost, because the offense did almost nothing.  No hits after the second inning.  On the one hand, Dan Straily looks like a pretty good pitcher, and a pretty good pitcher will have games like this sometimes.  You may remember, back in the days when the Twins had some pretty good pitchers, that this would happen in our favor on occasion.  On the other hand, one wonders if the Twins batters are starting to perform the way we all expected them to at the start of the season.

Samuel Deduno performed his role as Savior of the Bullpen well again.  If he continues to pitch well, though, I suspect we'll see him in the starting rotation at some point.  I'll never feel comfortable with him pitching--a pitcher who does not know himself where the ball is going does not really inspire confidence.  But it's hard for me to argue that the Twins have five starting pitchers who are better, and unless something changes it's going to be pretty hard for Gardy to argue that, too.

So, a sweep for the Athletics.  We now welcome in the Kansas City Royals for the first night game of the season.  We have Kyle Gibson going, who if he pitches well tonight will presumably be considered the staff ace.  And you know what?  The Twins haven't lost a night game all year!  Tonight's game should be just what we need to start a 153-game winning streak!  We'll just have to settle for 156-6!

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    1. They've also played all their games in relatively cold climate stadiums with no roof. I think MLB just hedged as much as they could to make sure they didn't have to reschedule games for other times in the year.

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