2 thoughts on “Game 13 Recap: Blue Jays 9, Twins 3”

    1. Arguably started from me posting FanGraphs' bullpen projection. If you're familiar with the #6org meme, as Stick quickly brings up, then #6pen is the 2014 version of it.

      If you aren't familiar, here's the thorough recap. Before the 2010 season, Cameron FanGraphs rated the Mariners the #6 organization after they went 85-77 and hired the magical Jack Zduriencik. They went 61-101 in 2010. Before the 2011 season, FanGraphs rated the Twins the #6 organization after they went 94-68 and other 2010 stuff (Target Field, Mauer getting paid). They went 63-99 in 2011. Hence, #6org curse.

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