100 thoughts on “2014 Game 15: Blue Jays at Twins, again”

  1. Two runs in the first and now a run in the fifth. Pelfrey adopting the worst habits of Twins pitchers.

          1. I think that's just him. I read he moved back in the minors/independent and started hitting better the other way. Something like that.

          2. Yes. Bruno talked to him at the end of last season about moving closer to the plate. That actually was something relatively new for him (being far off the plate) as an adjustment to pitchers busting him inside in AAA. He was quoted as saying he was more of a pull hitter and then started to go the other way in Rochester.

  2. What kind of pitch is Deduno throwing this inning? The Jays cant square a bat on the ball

      1. He probably doesn't even know, anyway, so I don't anyone would have been able to answer your question.

  3. I'm watching the Pirates-Brewers. Saw the Yes! Yes! Yes! homerun celebration in the Pirates' dugout, and on a replay the fans were chanting Safe! Safe! Safe!

    1. After how much they got into Johnny Cueto's head during the playoff game last year, and this, I really want to be a Pirates fan.

  4. Nunez became a True Twin* a lot more quickly than his failed attempts at being a True Yankee**.

    *failing miserably at bunting
    **fulfilling whatever ridiculous criteria they use on any given day to hate ARod

    1. Don't know how he failed miserably at bunting; a successful bunt with two strikes is pretty good compared to the stylish Punto popped up bunt/double play. Now THAT was failing miserably

  5. How insane is this game? 5 walks, 3 wild pitches, 3 runs. Twins have the lead? whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

    1. I just sat down at the computer and looked at Gameday. I thought maybe Gameday Scout was having a seizure, because nothing about all the recent play descriptions made any sense.

  6. 2 runners in scoring position and Mauer doesn't drive them in. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

        1. I think so.

      1. That might be by one pitcher now that I read it closer. Not sure about overall, but must be higher.

    1. I have. They call that Pee Wee League baseball and it's usually played by 10 year olds.

    1. Swinging bunt.
      6 Runs on 1 hit, 8 walks, 3 wild pitches and leave the bags full...just sick!

  7. This is one of those games that Jayson Stark used to write really hilarious recaps describing the last time something happened.

    Who would have thought the longest half-inning wouldn't have involved Pelfrey?

  8. I was really hoping for that 10th run. Twins had six 10-run games last season; they have three already this season, and this would have been four.

      1. May 25-27, 2007.

        I was sixteen months from my first post at the WGOM.

        Players used on the 27th, when the Twins won the series:

        Castillo 2B
        Cirillo DH
        Cuddyer RF
        Morneau 1B
        Hunter CF
        Kubel LF
        Ford LF
        Heintz C
        Punto 3B
        Bartlett SS

        Silva P
        Rincon P
        Nathan P

  9. Moral of the story for John Gibbons: always rely on Orlando Louploup because the other players might stab you in the back.

  10. 32 balls just on walks in one inning. There must be some CG starts where the pitcher threw fewer that 32 balls. (Not many, but I bet there are some.)

  11. The Twins now lead MLB in runs scored per game. They also lead the majors in on-base percentage and walks, both by wide margins. Who knew that getting on base is so important to scoring runs?

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