Game Recap #15: Walkers 9, Walk-givers 5

Wasn't that a rally?

Tim Kurkjian likes to say that the great thing about baseball is that each time you watch a game you have a chance of seeing something you've never seen before.  Last night's game proved him right.  I don't know if any of us have ever seen eight walks in an inning in a major league game.  We also have probably never seen six runs on one hit in a major league game.  This is something that happens occasionally in the Dominican Summer League, but not in the big leagues.  It was actually almost disappointing when Jason Kubel got a base hit.  It was like it broke the spell.

Mike Pelfrey pitched the way it looks like Mike Pelfrey pitches.  Pelf gonna Pelf, I guess.  For a moment, I thought the fact that he was pulled in the fifth inning, with only three runs in, might mean that Gardy was losing patience with him.  On reflection, I suspect it was just a combination of a high pitch count and a rested bullpen.  I imagine we'll see Pelfrey making some more starts before any change is made.

It's always possible that he'll get things turned around, of course, but he's showing no signs of it.  On the other hand, it seems like Samuel Deduno has done enough to deserve a spot in the rotation.  I understand that it's hard to trust Deduno and his magical zoomball, but the results say the Twins do not have five starters who are better.  I give credit to him for not complaining about his role, at least publicly, because it can't be easy to see pitchers who you believe you're better than getting chances ahead of you.

We would be remiss not to note the Twins debut of Eduardo Nunez last night.  Somewhat surprisingly, he played third base, which may or may not indicate anything.  He got a hit, drew a walk, and laid down a sacrifice bunt, which as we all know was the key to the eighth inning.  He was just up for the one game, and will go back to Rochester, but I suspect we'll see him back in Minnesota before too long.

Chris Colabello continues to hit.  He is now tied for fourth in batting average at .357 and leads the league in RBIs with 19.  He's obviously very unlikely to keep up that pace, but if he has a good year, he will be one of the most unlikely success stories in major league history.  I am definitely rooting for him, as I suspect pretty much all of us are.

So, the Twins take the series from Toronto, the first time in seven years we've been able to say that.  Now, they head off to Kansas City, where the weather should be warmer.  Can the Twins play in warm weather?  Why, of course they can!  It's just the thing Ricky Nolasco needs!  After a win like last night's, can there be any doubt that this is a Team of Destiny?  We're on our way to a 149-game winning streak!  We're still on track for 155-7!

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