2014 Game 24, Finally: Dodgers at Twins

I mean, I hope this is happening.

Greinke vs. Gibson! This one is really testing me, as I want to see the game sevens in the hockey playoffs tonight, but the Twins have been rained out for days and it's a game with a rare opponent and a nice pitching matchup. We'll see, I guess.

At any rate, I'm having as much fun watching this team as I have in years. Patience! Runs! Who knew?

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  1. I really hate the Dodgers. They just started their own channel just before the season and I can't get it even if I wanted to, so of course I'm still blacked out on mlb.tv. Good to know that I'm paying for this game and have no way to watch it live.

    1. Vin Scully cant watch this game at his house because his cable doesnt carry the Dodgers channel

  2. Gibson has thrown less pitches in 2 innings than Greinke did just in the first inning while facing just 4 batters. If this team can ever get average or better starting pitching, it could be really good. Being able to get pitchers out of there early just on pitch count alone is a major advantage, especially when they usually have the advantage in the bullpen.

    1. I was going to mock Butera's offense at the same time I was mocking his defense after the passed ball, but now I'm kind of glad I didn't.

  3. My daughter is doing crew for the school musical that starts tomorrow so dress rehearsal, and my wife is covering her shift at the Circle Dot ranch, so I'm on my own. Baseball and hockey and pizza and Spotted Cow. I rule.

    1. I don't understand hockey rules. The Avs player didn't necessarily interfere with Kuemper, but can you score when one of your players is literally inside the goal when the shot is made?

  4. Gibson's got the sinker going for him tonight- 12 groundouts, 2 flyouts (one that excellent catch by Kubel).

    1. Greinke's dealing pretty good tonight, too. The strike zone seems fairly generous tonight.

  5. Gibson's runs given up seemed like the were dinked and doinked into the OF instead of real hard hits.

  6. 0/2 with 1 shot on the power play so far tonight. Let's do more with #3, shall we?

    1. I always say he and Dimitar Berbatov are the same player in different sports.

        1. That is my favorite recurring series on Dirty Tackle. Artur Boruc's Friday Rage List is a close second.

  7. I am seriously dragging today. I need sleep. Please let the Wild be the ones who put one in with 12 seconds left.

    1. Dang. I'll watch OT, and I'll be happy about it because it's a Game 7 and it doesn't get much better than that, but tomorrow is gonna suh-huck.

      1. I'm flying to Europe in about twelve hours. So much of me getting ahead of my sleep...

  8. un [redacted] believable

    please Wild, win this quickly in OT. I cant handle a 5 OT game

    1. Only when they do the 5 minute OT before the shootout in the regular season. No shootouts in the playoffs, no 4v4.

      1. I knew there wouldn't be shootout, but I didn't realize 4v4 was tied to the shootout.

        1. You don't care, but I'm amped up with nothing else to do right now.

          4-on-4 is designed to be more wide open and increase the chance of the game ending in the shortened OT of the regular season. Since playoff OT is not shortened in the same way, there's no need to increase scoring, so it stays 5-on-5.

    1. I was thinking 163 too. My son had just been born, this time I'm waiting for a baby any day now, etc. It just seems right.

    1. Oh my gawd, that looks like a WWI gas mask or something, not the excited happy face I was going for.

  9. Holy crap. That was an awesome game.

    That play by Suter in the second to last possession by the Avs was huge. They weren't able to pass it back to the center with Suter laying in the way.

    1. That was killer (in the good way). I had a mini-heart attack when I saw what I thought was a 2-on-0, then Suter just shut it down.

      1. Oh yeah, when I saw the two of them coming down the ice, with the one Av just slightly in the lead, I could just see him centering it back and then watching the game-losing goal. I audibly gasped when I saw that he wasn't going to be able to get it around Suter.

        1. Yes. I had a moment of confusion when my MN sports foresight didn't come true on that one. I saw the goal in my doom, but... It just never came.

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  10. More late games!

    Series schedule v. Chicago

    Friday - 8:30 PM (NBCSN)
    Sunday - 2 PM (NBC)
    Tuesday - 8 PM (CNBC)
    Friday - TBD
    Sunday - TBD
    Tuesday - TBD
    Thursday - TBD

    1. gah
      I was hoping that since all the games are Central time, we'd see 7pm starts.

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