Game Recap #29: Herrmannatorrs 5, Cartoon Birds 2

"When did you get a weak back?"  "Oh, about a week back."  Doodles Weaver

I'm glad the Twins won, but the most important story here was Joe Mauer's back spasms.  At this writing, I don't think anyone knows how serious it is.  I'm reading that Joe says he thinks he can play tonight.  On the other hand, it seems like we've had lots of experience with "day-to-day" injuries leading to the disabled list, so it's hard to be very confident about it.

That's one of the bad things about being a Twins fan the last few years.  It seems like, even on those occasions when things are going fairly well, we're constantly waiting for the other shoe to drop and the bottom to fall out.  The Twins are a game under .500, and if they stayed close to .500 this season most of us would be fairly happy about that.  It's not where you want to be, but it would be a significant improvement over last year.  And yet, I suspect very few of us actually believe that's going to happen.  We're waiting for the skid that's going to put us way below .500 and led to sixty-some wins again.

That's too bad, because the Twins aren't playing too badly right now.  Phil Hughes had a good game, only getting burned in the sixth on a two-run homer.  The bullpen maybe didn't blow people away, but they got the job done.  They played three pretty good teams on this homestand and won the series from two of them.  Kurt Suzuki got three hits and is hitting .325.  Eduardo Escobar, in limited play, is also hitting .325.  There are three Twins in the top ten in the league in RBIs.  Brian Dozier is sixth in the league in home runs.

And we're thinking "They'll never keep this up."  Well, maybe not.  But still, let's not let that keep us from enjoying it while it's happening.  Right now, the Twins are in second place in the division and only a game out of the second wild card spot.  Instead of thinking "They'll never keep this up," maybe we should try thinking, "This is fun for right now."

And besides, who says they can't keep it up?  It seems like every year some team comes out of nowhere and plays better than anyone expected.  Maybe this year it will be the Twins.  Who knows?  After all, we're still on track for 147-15!

4 thoughts on “Game Recap #29: Herrmannatorrs 5, Cartoon Birds 2”

  1. I'm reading that Joe says he thinks he can play tonight.

    Number of games Mauer has missed: 0. I would be okay with him missing a few to avoid lasting issues.

    "This is fun for right now."

    Yes it absolutely is.

    1. Agreed - It's especially fun to know that this team is scoring some runs from unexpected places. Two of the guys I figured would contribute significantly to the team's offense, Arcia & Willingham, haven't played in a month! I'll be excited to see what happens when they return.

    1. He definitely needs to return:
      From 3/31 thru 4/19 (17 games) - Colabello was hitting .359/.406/.547, going 23-64 with 16K's and 4 BB's.
      From 4/20 thru 5/5 (11 games) - He is hitting .163/.212/.306, going 8-52 with 18K's and 3 BB's.

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