2014 Game 34: Minnesota Twins at Detroit Tigers

Philip Hughes
Justin Verlander

The Twins are tied for fourth place, a half game behind the third place Royals. The Tigers have increased their division lead. I suspect it will be insurmountable when the Twins leave town. Insurmountable for the other three teams of course. It was impossible starting in mid-2011 for the Twins.

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  1. I love the Tiger Stadium pic that accompanies this post. Notice the cigarette billboard on the right side of the scoreboard.

          1. I thought the scoreboard said "Toney LaMillo" so I searched b-r in the "La" section, but saw "Torey Lovullo" and clicked on his name and saw he only played 1 season for the California Angels.

            *edit* on the scoreboard it says his batting average is .306 and on b-r game logs it has the up-to-date avg. so it was real easy to sort away game and a avg. of around .306

            1. Nice one. I started with the Angels' logo, which was their primary for only 93&94. Took me a little longer to go that way around.

  2. note:

    Mike Berardino ‏@MikeBerardino
    Delay. First pitch pushed back to 6:35 Central. #mntwins

  3. So I bought a twelve of this today.

    It's shockingly decent and worth the $4.99 I paid. Even at its regular price of $7.99 might make it show up ok my fridge more often.

  4. Hughes hitting 95 mph? Who was the last starter for the Twins that threw that fast?

      1. Eh, it's been a year (edit: two years? Doesn't matter enough for me to bother looking it up.). And yeah, the Twins have had a handful of relievers throw harder than that.

        I thought maybe F-bomb as a rookie, but I honestly don't recall for sure. I seem to remember a lot of 93-94, but that might have been after TJ.

    1. No one here would think any less of you if you switched over. #6pen and all.

    2. My FSN is usually the Rangers, but they're showing TCU baseball right now. Damn.

  5. Hughes at 86 pitches
    Fien comes in
    tomorrow Gardy will be complaining about burning through his bullpen

    1. HUGHES' HONESTY: Phil Hughes felt his stuff was , ``deteriorating" in the seventh inning and pulled himself from the game. That was a shocker but Twins manager Ron Gardenhire appreciated the honestly. One thing though: What would the reaction had been if Hughes pulled himself from game as a Yankee?

      I remember once that Carlos Silva pitched great for six innings and then said he couldn't continue because he was sick to his stomach. Gardy was livid after that when Pat Neshek blew the lead. I remember thinking that if Silva had said something at the start of the game, he would have been a hero for managing to give them six innings.

      1. If I remember right, Neshek had to hurry to get out there. Makes a difference if you pull yourself after coming off the mound than when you pull yourself before going out to the mound. Plus, you know, one more inning.

    1. Now the Twins will have an eight run inning to prevent you from seeing it.

      1. MLBN squawkers complaining about the error call. Reynolds has taken the side that it's a hit while Williams has taken the other side.

          1. Harold Reynolds, Voice of Reason?

            Who is the boob with him (who is right on the issue)? Greg somebody.

        1. Well, since it's those two arguing, I'm guessing they are somehow both wrong.

  6. Wow. Pedroia runs out of the baseline and tries to get in front of Fielder, who drops into a three-point stance. I'd pay money to see Fielder plow the Rat.

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