Game 37: The Bostons at The Minnesotas

Ricky Nolasco (2-3, 5.64 ERA) vs. Felix Doubront (1-3, 5.09 ERA)

The Twins return to the Bullseye after spending time in two crappy cities. This doesn't look like a matchup of guys who've gotten off to a good start this year. Doubront has been walking a bunch of guys and not lasting very long into games while Nolasco seems to be prone to the "In Play Run(s)" type of plays. The good news is that Nolsy's last couple of starts have been much better with some increased striking out of guys. Hopefully that trend can keep going tonight. Of course, as is the way of things, this will probably turn out like the last time I previewed an opposing pitcher who walked a lot of guys and hadn't been pitching well. Hopefully the Twin's band of merry infielders can keep the good feelings rolling after the Detroit series win.

For the brewers out there, I recently tried out a new hopping technique, first wort hopping. Flavor/aroma hops are added prior to the boil during the sparging process (could also be done during the grain steeping if doing extract with specialty grains). I made an IPA using this and kegged it on Saturday and wow, the hops really asserted themselves on my initial taste during the kegging process. I will report back once the batch is carbonated if anyone is interested. It better utilizes the hop acids meaning fewer hops could be used to get a similar effect. Plus, it simplified the boil quite a bit. Its always fun to try new things after all these years. Next thing I boldly try might be decoction mashing.

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  1. It's a new record! Five, count'em five shortstops in the starting lineup,

    1. I read prepper as pepper and was briefly shocked that she looks like Mike Napoli.

  2. It can't be a good sign for Aaron Hicks' future that the Twins are playing a shortstop in center field rather than playing him.

    1. I was just starting to complain about Nunez DHing with both Colabello and Pinto on the bench when the ball went over the wall. "Never mind."

    1. I've had a needless vendetta against him since I attended a game where he dominated the Twins as a Padre. Little did I know, for years, that the rotation had been switched and I didn't actually see Peavy - I saw someone else (we were pretty far from the field). To this day, I like to watch the Twins beat him, as revenge for the game I attended that he didn't actually appear in.

  3. Wait a second, how can Mauer possibly be 3rd best among active players in career BA with RISP?

  4. Nice touch by the Twins by blowing the Wild goal hon after every run scored

  5. Dazz, 5-1 in the third inning is not exactly a time where we say, "We have enough runs".

  6. I'm watching the NESN broadcast, as I usually do during the games with Boston. They have a thing called "The List" and they list the top four...things...for...things. Their list for top Minnesota Twins (in no particular order) was:

    Rod Carew
    Kent Hrbek
    Harmon Killebrew
    Kirby Puckett

    What say you?

      1. I also figured Oliva for Hrbek.

        And a pitcher? Blyleven? Anyone? But who do we sub out? Puckett is too emotionally linked to the fans here despite being the best one to sub out.

              1. I agree Mauer belongs, but I'd have a hard time taking Harmon, Rodney, Tony O, or Kirby off. I think I'd just add a fifth face to Mount Rushmore.

                1. Yeah. I really don't want to eliminate Puckett, regardless of how much I want to add Mauer. I know Mauer's the superior overall player, but Puckett IS Minnesota to me, or at least my youth.

                  1. ...but Puckett IS Minnesota to me, or at least my youth.

                    This is exactly the way I feel.

    1. Carew, Killebrew, Puckett and Blyleven are all in the HoF wearing Twins caps. Blyleven's career was split, but he was at his best with the Twins. I'm surprised NESN put in Hrbek over Blyleven, especially with Blyleven in the booth next door. I wonder if this was a purposeful omission?

  7. No problem. I'm pretty sure I heard somewhere that solo home runs don't hurt you.

        1. But he has the steroids taint, so they'll have to figure out that whole mess.

          1. Actually, that's the thing that bothers me. He was using (and obviously, what with his head growing to 14 times its size) but he seemed to be forgiven upon this revelation in a way that others weren't. Consistency! It's all I ask!!!!!!!!!!

    1. He's going to manage to run out of relievers with a 8-man bullpen by the 10th inning. It's going to be hilarious.

  8. remember those three weeks when Chris Colabello was raking?
    Those were good times.

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