85 thoughts on “Game 41: Mariners @ Twins”

  1. As the tag says, what are you drinking on this beautiful, almost springlike day.

    Also, I was hoping for a Metrodome pic that you guys could play some CSI on, but I think the pic I found is too small. Feel free to astound me, though.

    1. I can tell you it happen in the 2006 season because the Kirby Puckett "34" tribute is painted on the field

    2. going to a graduation party in an hour or so. So I'm hoping for something cold and wet.

      Tomorrow, I have great hopes to be drinking something from Russian River.

    3. Looks like a Twin just scored on I think a sacrifice fly with the runner at first just off the bag and the runners at second and third advancing.

        1. I am unsure how to reconcile that with what appears to be three Twins at first. One is the base coach, one appears to be turning right after the bag as if out, and the other with a lead off first looking home. There are two Twins at the plate, but with two on base still, only one could score and the other seems more like the the next batter telling the runner to score standing.

    4. My mom and step dad are in town, so we went out to eat. I had a Robert the Bruce from Three Floyds and a couple of Mocha Porters from Southern Tier. Twas excellent.

  2. If AMR is around, I was curious. Have you seen any yellow rumped warblers in your travels this year? I've never seen them around before, but because of certain meteorological issues, they are all over the place right now. Soon, they'll scamper back north where they prefer, but for now, they're everywhere.

    1. Not sure if it helps you, but I'll second your observation for the NW metro. They're growing on me and have been fun to watch.

      1. They are fun birds. They're not particularly skitterish, and they (as mentioned before) are everywhere. I've really been enjoying them.

    2. Yes. They (I called the "Myrtle" because seeing an Audubon's would be something around here) are the most common migrating warbler through here every year. I haven't had all that many though this year. Which means a lot, but they're not mayflies.
      No more than last year, when I really started to hate them. Because when backlit or flitting or up high (or all three!) they look like they could be Blackburnian or Pine or Bay-Breasted or Cape May or Magnolia or Cerulean or Blackpoll or Black-Throated Green or Palm. You follow one unidentified, could be anything, for a couple minutes and finally get your good look and it's (always) another (damned) Mytle. I'm starting to pull out their chip call so I know when to ignore them. (If you're walking along a wooded water-edge and hear the most emphatic Myrtle call you can imagine, look for a tiny dark-brown sandpipery bird bobbing its tail: Northern Waterthrush.)

      Myrtles were nearly mayfly-thick at Wood Lake in Richfield yesterday. So were the Palm, Yellow, and Redstarts though. But Yellow-Rumpeds might have been a majority of the warblers. I probably saw several hundred.

  3. If everyone in baseball knows that Angel Hernandez is bad at his job, why does he still have it?

  4. Angel is really pissed. WTF? TV had a shot of him mumbling "fucking shit" in between innings.

    E-ball girl!

  5. This is a Twins Baseball! inning. Now we just need an interference call to score the run.

      1. the team record is 140 by Chuck Knoblauch in 1996
        second is 128 by Rod Carew in 1977

  6. Go Twin! North of .5 clicks. Awesome.

    Missed this game as went to NBBW's friend's son's theatre Nacht - medley of Tennessee W'm one-act plays. Not bad for private high-schoolers...

    Another Four in The Morning reference in Moony's Kid Don't Cry (see TED reference in last NBB post).

  7. Nibbs, what birds did you get?
    I moved my suet cage to where the squirrels couldn't get to it so easy and had Myrtle Warblers, a Catbird, and a Grosbeak on it within an hour. Plus woodpeckers and Chickadees. And a squirrel. Smartass. I need a BB gun.

    I put up a hummingbird feeder and watched a male Baltimore Oriole try desperately to drink from it before a female flew over him towards the woods. He immediately followed her.
    They've been together for at least a week, saw her pulling toddler-wasted dental floss from a little cage of nesting material we put out. So I interpreted it more as "stop messing around, we've got real estate to look at. (I assume they're the same couple.)

    Big bird of the day was a single Harris's Sparrow. They're not so common this far east and s/he was in the front yard as soon as I woke and in the back yard as it got dark. I assume it's the same one because I saw just one at a time elsewhere during the day. Also saw my first Chestnut-Sided Warbler of the year.

    I went to Wood Lake Nature Center yesterday and saw at least five lifers: Ovenbird, Parula, Sora, Virginia Rail, & Veery. John James Audubon would have run out of ammo.
    Birding the park below me has been tough the last few weeks. When the river rose, some trails got submerged. I could forge them, but I'm not going to with a stroller or bike trailer.
    I'm behind on my "local list" that I've been putting up on fb. Both in not having entries but also in not seeing them because they're down where it's hard for me to be. I should have seen spotted sandpipers by now. I did at Wood Lake, but that's not what I'm listing.

    1. Our suet gets mostly grackles. I actually like grackles - so long as they're high-steppjng in my lawn. Also, yellow rumped warblers freaking get LOVE suet.

      We saw our first grosbeaks of the year on Friday.

      Other than that, it's mostly the normal ones. I'd like to once again nominate whoever suggested safflower for a Nobel prize, though. Makes our feeder a hundred times more fun.

      Squirrels got lead poisoning this winter.

      1. Grackles are fun. I even like crows and starlings and cowbirds.
        I don't use safflower, what does it get you that makes the difference?
        I use a mix of "mix" (so there's some millet to fall to the ground for sparrows and doves), Black Sunflower, Cracked corn.
        I have separate finch feeders with the nyjer seed.

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