53 thoughts on “2014 Game 59: Houston Astros at Minnesota Twins”

  1. The overabundance of Selig in this game log is not helping my queasy stomach- stupid viruses and/or bacteria.

  2. Bah, Mauer did that thing where he strikes out instead of hitting a home run.

  3. Homerun! I love Danny Santana. He'll be quite good someday, and he's a lot of fun now. I like him almost as much as I do Brian Dozier. (And I don't care about Dozier's hair or that he can take one off the chin. #stupidcommercial)

  4. We've been rewatching Orange Is the New Black to whet our appetite for season two.

    hopefully I got back just in time.

  5. Bad time for Hughes' luck with fly balls to turn on him. He actually almost had as many ground balls as fly balls, but 3 go out on him.

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