43 thoughts on “2014 Game 61: ‘stros at Twins in progress”

  1. The only pitch that Deduno threw to Springer that was actually in the strike zone was called ball four. Sheesh.

  2. So, picked up a bottle of non-Rooster branded Sriracha at Costco a couple weeks ago. Stuff is made in Not California, which is disturbing. But it's pretty good. A bit sweeter than the real thing. Still, I put the bS seal of approval on it.

    PTL that it is gluten-free!!!!111one111!!!

  3. The Astros obviously are not afraid of Pinto throwing them out on the basepaths.

  4. Up in section 315. Saw a guy that looked like Greekhouse a section over. A little short though.

    1. I was in 313 - didn't see anyone that looks like Greekhouse, but then I don't know what Greekhouse looks like.

    1. And I'm glad he didn't- Fields seems to be more accommodating to the Twins batters.

  5. Home plate ump has been having a tough day with balls and strikes today.

  6. Good news, everyone! The Twins always seem to bat pretty well against this guy.

  7. More than a little disappointed that Gardy didn't pinch-hit for Parmelee there.

  8. Hmm, the Astros seem to be playing pretty well now they've brought up a couple of their top prospects. I wonder if any other teams might consider doing the same thing soon...

    1. Could move Pelfrey to the 60-day DL to free up a spot on the 40-man roster for Meyer. Freeing up a 25-man spot for either Meyer or May will be harder. Correia is an obvious choice, but he has a 4.21 FIP. His strikeout and walk numbers are better than last year but the BABIP and LOB% aren't good. My vote would be swapping Deduno for one of Meyer or May.

  9. Hmm this turned into a trivia game. When was the last time the Twins gave up 2 grand slams in one game?

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