36 thoughts on “June 8, 2014: Layin’ Sorry”

    1. I'm sure it's been a similar list for every Superbowl for the last who knows how many years- is this really the first time it's been leaked, or has it just never been publicized like this before?

      That said, the only things that really bother me are the demands for police escorts and other, law-enforcement related items- that's not something a "private" business should be able to demand or another "private" business should be able to promise to provide.

      1. Without having read through the whole damn thing and going off of the Deadspin post, I'd say asking for police help with counterfeit tickets and merch is borderline criminal and asking for a tax exemption is even worse. Of course, I'm completely biased against the NFL at this point and thing it is one of the greatest dangers to our youths, but it's still very, very terrible.

        1. In other words, it would be best if the Vikings moved to LA before they could host the SB (and all other franchises, especially GB, really) and the league should be forced to re-imburse the city/taxpayers for the stadium and then fold.

          1. I'm saying the police resources could be better used enforcing things more relevant to the city than things more relevant to the pocketbooks of the NFL. I was also being admittedly hyperbolic in my use of "borderline criminal".

  1. it was a nice run

    @FSNtylermason Jason Kubel designated for assignment. #MNTwins

    1. Even HbT is exploding with hate for Mauer and how the team would be better if he was benched.

      1. The more I am on the internet, the more I've come to realize that this is the only frickin civilized place left on the interwebs.

    2. April was fun, but after that it was painfully clear he was done. From the sounds of it, I imagine he'll retire now. I teared up a little watching the cycle video over on Twinkietown and, affliction shirts excepted, he'll go down as one of my favorite Twins of all time.

  2. So I confirmed today that people under 30 look stupid regardless of what country they are in.

      1. I strongly thought about including a picture of a lawn. Missed opportunity there.

        1. To add to that, I'm not even sure why I am ranting tonight. I went to The Knott Bar and had easily the best meal I've had so far (which was not difficult because the English suuuuuuck at cooking, unless its Two Fat Ladies...) of a traditional Sunday Roast and a load of root vegetables as well as some real ales and a free pint (two free halves) because two of the beers I ordered were on their last legs and there was only enough for the half. Now I'm preparing to watch some horror flicks that I can't watch at home because kids, so really, I have nothing to complain about.

          Except for these damn kids out here with their stupid 90's chic.

          1. Also, also, one of those beers was this one which is the best thing I've had since I got into the country. Good thing I had a full pint as my lunch yesterday.

          2. Uck, I'm with you on that- 90's chic was bad enough the first time around, and I have even less use for it now.

            1. Half the younger gals are wearing that and the young bros I saw at the hotel were wearing golashes, cut off jean shorts and plaid, sleeveless shirts open with no shirt underneath. Young people frighten me.

              1. Working at a university these last few years has been cringe-inducing - acid-washed jeans, Hammer pants, skinny jeans, leggings as pants, and mash-ups of the worst of the Seventies, Eighties, and Nineties in the same outfit. About the only things I haven't seen are women with enormous shoulder pads and Hypercolor.

                1. Phoenix, for whatever reason, doesn't seem to follow the trends as closely. For all its faults, this city isn't full of hipsters - generally the women of this city are about tattoos and wearing immodest but still classy clothing. I'm on board with all of that.

          1. True enough, but that won't make for a good "get off my lawn" rant until I'm over 50.

  3. I notice we're on a bit of a Paul Newman kick lately. It seems the man likes his coffee.

  4. Last night I dreamed I was hanging out with a bunch of you guys. The only specific thing I remember was a conversation Jeff A and I had about the new instant replay system in MLB.

    1. That's the squarest dream I've ever heard.

      Well, okay, I admit I had a dream last week that I was downstocking at work during a late closing shift.

  5. Happened to see Brett Graves this morning, and congratulated him on his draft. Sounds like he's pleased enough that he was picked up by the A's.

    btw Twayn, I mentioned to your bro that if he had an evening while you were here when he needed you out of his hair that Mrs. and I could take you out to Westport for a bite or something...

  6. Laying sorry as a result of the fact that I put on Major League last night as comfort food as I went to sleep, and I decided to watch the entire thing rather than fall asleep.

    I noticed some baseball-type (ahem) mistakes I hadn't caught before, or forgot that I caught before. Coach says "We've got a few potential All-Stars in there" when the team is 60-61, a good month or so after the All-Star game would have been. These are the things that keep me up at night.

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