2014 Game 62: Twins at Bleu Jays

Poutine Start time at 6:07 p.m.? That better be a cash grab first pitch time like the Pale Hosers 7:11 sponsorship deal, because otherwise it makes no sense. Unless it's a metric thing...

When I was about 8 or 9, my mom dropped me off at the park half an hour early for baseball practice. It was hot and I was tired so I sat down under a tree to chill in the shade for awhile. Turned out I picked a tree with a blue jay nest full of chicks and one aggressive mother of a momma. She was able to dive bomb me half a dozen times before I could clear the area, and I'm sure I looked pretty foolish running from a bird. I've been predisposed to dislike blue jays in any form ever since.

On The Hill:
Nolasco (4-5, 5.65) vs. R.A. Dickey (6-4, 4.25)

Ricky Nolasco gets the start for the Twins tonight while former Twin/Met/Mariner/Ranger R.A Dickey gets the ball for the Jays. The Twins bested Toronto in an early April series by taking both ends of a doubleheader made necessary by a weather postponement. Dickey pitched one of those games, but he gave up five runs on seven hits and five walks in 4 1/3 innings for his shortest outing of the season, that one against Kyle Gibson.

The Blue Jays had won their last six series before losing their weekend series to the Cardinals. The Twins are still trying to get back to .500 after splitting a 4-game home-and-away series with Milwaukee and dropping their weekend series to Houston. Enough, already. Play ball!

49 thoughts on “2014 Game 62: Twins at Bleu Jays”

  1. Hehe. At the game Saturday, the junior P.A. announcer called our catcher Kurt Suzuski. I had no idea he was Polish/Japanese-American.

  2. Okay, I always thought poutine doesn't sound all that good (fries covered with gravy? Meh...), but the header pic actually looks like something I wouldn't mind eating.

      1. The wife's sister treated us to dinner at Tria in North Oaks for our birthdays a couple of months ago. Poutine was on the appetizer menu, but we opted for the walleye fingers (OMG!) and crab cakes.

        1. the place was a bit hipster-y, but fun. Great beer list. The food was very good, not great.

          1. It's still fairly tempting. Only issue I have is that J is vegetarian and our friend who will be with us is celiac. If I'm going to use up my limited opportunities to eat at places alone, it's probably way below Philipe's on the list.

    1. That's Butter Chicken Poutine from New York Fries. I'm very partial to their pulled pork poutine; fries, curds, pulled pork in barbecue sauce. Can't really go wrong.

  3. Family grad luncheon leftovers for dinner tonight. Italian pasta salad, chicken pasta salad, turkey and Swiss on dollar buns with honey mustard, potato chips, multi-grain chips, tortilla chips, mixed fruits, blueberry cheesecake bars, Scotcheroos, and a diet Coke.

    1. I liked it. Except the part where he didn't follow up with a well-placed hit through a newly positioned infield defense.

  4. Feeling satisfied about deciding to tune in an inning ago. (Well, not so much "deciding to tune in" as "remembering that it's an EST game").

    1. I can only guess that it was an attempt to stretch the bullpen in a tie game. Meanwhile, we used two pinch runners in the ninth for players who did not represent either the tying or the go-ahead run.

      1. I didn't have a problem with the pinch-runners. I'm generally not a big fan of them, but it was the ninth inning, the Twins were behind, and so you have to do everything you can to increase your chances of scoring, even by a tiny bit. As it turned out, they really made no difference one way or another, but of course you don't know that ahead of time.

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