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  1. Sources tell me this is not good

    Buster Olney @Buster_ESPN ยท
    ICYMI: In ninth-inning work this season, the Tigers' have allowed 46 runs in 51 1/3 innings this season.

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      1. I'm shocked that Nathan has been so bad this year. I would have thought he'd have more of a decline phase instead of dropping straight off a cliff.

        1. You clearly aren't aware of ZG's fantasy baseball history. You should have seen him back when Nathan was playing for the Giants!

          1. I wish I would have saved some of those posts, at least for posterity's sake if not to recycle the material.

        2. over 40 BF in May, he allowed 222/300/444 with 8K:4BB and 2 HR.
          over 47 BF in April/March, 244/319/415 with 12:5 and 2 HR.

          Those are decent if not good numbers for a closer.

          But so far in June: 16 BF and 538/563/538, 1:2 and 0 HR.

          I'm thinking SSST.

          1. AL pitchers are allowing a .649 OPS against in save situations, so I would say that Nathan has not had good numbers at any time this season for a closer. The average AL reliever has allowed a .694 OPS against, so Nathan has been below average all season for an AL reliever.

            1. I don't disagree.

              b-r's "late and close" stat line
              247/325/372 on the year, with a .307 BABIP and 22 pct K rate (K/PA), 9.5 pct BB rate (all AL pitchers)
              262/356/393 and 13:10 K:BB (17.8 pct Ks, 13.7 pct BBs) (Nathan, 73 PA in "late and close" situations)

              this does not obviate the overall impression that Nathan has struggled, particularly of late, or that he's been below-average on the year for a reliever. But it does nuance things a bit. His K rate is down, walk rate is up, and he's given up some hard-hit balls.

              with the bases empty on the season, Nathan has allowed 218/295/345 in 61 PA. With runner(s) on, 371/429/600 in 42 PA. Obligatories are killing him.

  2. My 9PM flight last night ended up delayed two hours in order for 50 youth in a Sioux City catholic school on their way home from D.C. to make their connection. I don't mind holding for connections; I like getting in bed long before 1AM, though. And now I have to wait until tonight to watch GoT episode.

    1. It was pretty alright. The person that encouraged me to sign up apparently couldn't run a 5K themselvs, but since it was a pretty gimmicky one, I could hardly navigate around the walkers anyway. Good times over all though.

  3. We broke ground this morning on the addition to the Gettysburg United Methodist Church. God has quite a sense of humor--I probably know less about buildings or fundraising campaigns than any pastor in the conference, and yet we've raised over two-thirds of the money for and are starting construction on a three-quarters-of-a-million dollar building project. There are some awesome people in our parish.

    1. Artist's conception:

      Congrats, Jeff A. Can't wait to see you on cable!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. Phil's Sister Update:

    She had a few very close calls this weekend, and required 2 surgeries just to stay on the transplant list. But she made it through them both, so those prayers and well-wishes seem to be having an effect. I can tell you that at the very least, I appreciate them. Her kidney function is down this morning, and I understand that can lead to removal from the transplant list too, so hopefully that turns around, and new lungs become available soon.

    My sister and her husband rented a new place recently, so we were able to move them in over the weekend. Everyone was together, and having something constructive to do was a real blessing. I just hope she gets to see her new place. It's pretty nice.

      1. I'll echo brian here. You, your sister and your family are in my thoughts. I hope she gets matched soon.

  5. Kendrys Morales only needed a day, apparently. He's in tonight's lineup vs. Dickey. It may be because of the knuckleballer, meaning that he's not facing 90+ so it will be OK from a timing aspect. And the reality is, I don't see how doing workouts before the game is going to get him game ready anyways. He just needs at-bats and it could be ugly for the first week or so. Of course, that's all we've seen from Kubel and Parmelee over the last month anyways.

  6. Back home from Kentucky. We stopped 4 (!!!!!!!!) times on the way home and added about a half hour to the trip. Since I wasn't trying to get home in the middle of the night, the added time was no big deal.

    Good trip. Fun to see my niece get the diploma in Rupp Arena (which is a dump).

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