Half-Baked Hall: 1899 Election Results

Once again we had 21 voters. Not the same 21 voters as last time, so it's nice to know others step up when some can't make it. Did we elect anyone in our final ballot of the 19th century?

Cap Anson

With 81% of the vote, Cap Anson currently holds the highest vote percentage of an inductee.  Congratulations, Mr. Anson! You are the 5th member of the Half-Baked Hall. 

Remaining On the Ballot (20 Players)

Last ballot I commented on all the huge jumps players made in votes. Most players slid back down this time. The biggest drops are Deacon White and Paul Hines at 14%. Both players have very similar careers, so it appears their careers are jointly looking less impressive as we move along.

The biggest jumps (and in fact, our only jumps) are defensive wizard Jack Glasscock and AMR's write-in player, Lip Pike, both at 19%.

King Kelly, who seemed on the cusp with 67% on the previous ballot, has dropped down 10%.

Players who have less than 25% below have enough "Maybe" votes to stay on the ballot.

Jack Glasscock: 67% +19
John Clarkson: 62% +0
Roger Connor: 57%
King Kelly: 57% -10
Jim McCormick: 57% -5
Candy Cummings: 48% -4
Deacon White: 48% -14
Bob Caruthers: 43% -9
Harry Stovey: 43% -9
Charlie Comiskey: 38% +0
Pud Galvin: 38% +0
Lip Pike: 33% +19
Pete Browning: 29% +0
Bid McPhee; 29%
Dave Orr: 29% +0
Monte Ward: 29% -4
Buck Ewing: 24%
Paul Hines: 24% -14
Jack Stivetts; 10%
Silver King: 5%

Dropping Off the Ballot (9 Players)

We're down to just four players from the original ballot, as Brian's positive efforts to rise the vote for Charley Jones was short-lived. He dropped 14%. Otherwise, we lost eight players who were all new to the ballot. Perhaps the most surprising result is Bill Joyce, who has the 7th best OBP of all-time and received no votes; his short career appears to have hurt him.

Charley Jones: 19% -14
Mike Tiernan: 14%
Frank Dwyer: 5%
Denny Lyons: 5%
Sadie McMahon: 5%
Ed McKean: 5%
Mike Griffin: 0%
Bill Hutchinson: 0%
Bill Joyce: 0%


There are no charts or graphs this time due to some voting errors. The errors were fixed on the spreadsheet above, but Google Forms does not change the graphs based on changes made after the fact.


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      1. It's okay, Doc. I voted for those guys twice. Because Chicago inlaws spotty internet connection.

  1. fwiw, I definitely would have voted in favor of Glasscock and Clarkson again. Among others.

  2. When I promised to vote this time, I didn't realize that I would be camping Saturday-Monday preceding the due date.
    Next time for sure (barring other circumstances).

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