Happy Birthday–June 13

Jim Mutrie (1851)
Bill Bergen (1878)
Gene Desautels (1907)
Mel Parnell (1922)
Dave Rosenfield (1931)
Tom Cheek (1939)
Marcel Lachemann (1941)
Antonio Pulido (1951)
Ernie Whitt (1952)
Darrell May (1972)
Jonathan Lucroy (1986)

Jim Mutrie managed teams in New York for nine years.  He has been called the founding father of baseball in New York City.

Catcher Bill Bergen spent eleven seasons in the majors.  He appeared in 947 games and had 3,028 at-bats.  His lifetime stats are .170/.194/.201.  Everything you read about him says he was a tremendous defensive catcher, and one assumes he must have been.

Dave Rosenfield was the general manager of the Tidewater/Norfolk Tides for over forty-five years.

Tom Cheek was the voice of the Toronto Blue Jays from 1977-2004.

Antonio Pulido was a closer in the Mexican League for many years, getting 197 saves.  He also had 70 saves in the Mexican Pacific League.

We would like to wish a happy birthday to rpz.

There do not appear to be any players with connections to the Minnesota Twins who were born on this day.

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  1. Happy birthday, rpz!

    I was always fascinated by Bill Bergen. So wretchedly horrible at batting, but he ended up lasting in the majors for so long. There have obviously been a number of players that have been able to keep on batting terribly by being great in the field, but <strong>-15 oWAR in elevens seasons. His best season, he batted .227/.252/.266. Butera is obviously the closest parallel, but he'd have to go another six years - and he hasn't been as bad a batter as Bergen was.

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