Game 67: Twins at Tigers

Greetings from SFO - we're flying home today after finishing up the cross country RV tour of the Western US ... 'vacation' wouldn't be accurate, but I wasn't at work and did see some amazing stuff. I haven't been following the squad much except to see a box score here and there. Lots of roster changes to catch up on when I get home (Plouffe to the DL with a "left oblique strain" & Florimon up is apparently the most recent).

Anyway, they managed to score 8 runs over the last three frames (and still lose) yesterday. Hopefully that offense can pick up where it left off since I don't anticipate Nolasco will pitch a shut-out in the rubber match.

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    1. But would would happen is that the catcher would not catch the ball and allow 4 runs on passed balls when Nolasco strikes out 8 in an inning.

  1. Another double!
    I thought Escobar was supposed to be turning back into a pumpkin by now?

  2. This game is going to make my Father's Day afternoon nap a no-brainer. btw, Happy Father's Day, Citizens! Looking forward to St. Louis cut pork ribs (dry rubbed, of course) tonight

      1. I got a pizza peel and a rocker, so I'm using those tonight. Made the dough with my American Rye Ale and I'm strangely excited for it.

  3. Santana showing some nice range from shortstop on that popup from Kinsler- he seems to feel comfortable running around in centerfield.

      1. Well, Gardy likes playing with matches, but at least it worked out okay this time.

  4. Ballgame. Twins are going to have to have at least a minimal amount of competence in outfield defense to get over .500 again.

    1. There was plenty wrong with that bottom of the ninth (for example, Perk not pitching) but that throw from Fuld was absolutely atrocious.

      1. Fuld was rushing because of the desperate situation. Arcia has to catch that ball. I don't blame him for early in the game. He couldn't see the ball. What was he supposed to do differently? But in the ninth, that was just awful. He just has to catch that and we're going extras with a chance to hit again against the awful Tigers bullpen.

        1. Yeah, it was a bad throw, but I'm not sure he would've gotten him out even with a good throw. The Arcia play is the one that hurt.

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