World Cup Matchday 4

11:00 a.m.: Switzerland vs. Ecuador - ABC
2:00 p.m.: France vs. Honduras - ABC
5:00 p.m.: Argentina vs. Bosnia-Herzegovina - ESPN

No draws yet, and I find that very odd.

Pick Em Standings

RankPick SetCorrect PicksCorrect ScoresTotal PointsPossible Points
1Project Avoid Pepper (AMR)5316352
3Down with France!4212348
3Brooks's Majestic Pick Set5112348
5Soccer? I hardly know her!3210346
5Pete's Primo Pick Set4110346
5My Peerless Pick Set5010346
9Freealonzo Scorrrrrrrrrrres!!!306342
9Soccer To Me!!!11306342
9Eddie Pope All-Stars306342
12Eric's Extraordinary Pick Set204340
14Beau Misses Minnesota Strikers102338

9 thoughts on “World Cup Matchday 4”

  1. I am very surprised that take came out right first try since I formatted it on my phone.

  2. The fastest own goal in WC history cannot be a good start for Bosnia and Herzegovina.

  3. We're using this to comment on Germany-Portugual?

    2-0 Germany in first half with Pepe getting a Red (meaning he can't play against US). Couldn't ask for a better outcome thus far. Let's hope for a big Germany win so that Portugual's goal differential is in the toilet. Then beat Ghana and at worst tie Portugual and Germany has little to play for in US match. Keep it close, and U.S. advances (or something like that).

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