World Cup Matchday 5

I don't need to explain the backstory for this one, so here are some chants for you to use in your vocal support of the Birds of War.


*clap* *clap* *clap clap clap* *clapclapclap* US!

He's got Tourette's.
He guards the US nets.
He's Tim Howard, Timmy Howard!"

When the saints Yanks go marching in,
Oh, when the Yanks go marching in.
How I'd love to be in that number,
When the Yanks go marching in!

Spoiler: NSFW lyrics SelectShow
Spoiler: NSFW lyrics SelectShow

58 thoughts on “World Cup Matchday 5”

  1. That first NSFW could be cleaned up like the radio edit of the Wu-Tang Original.
    "USA ain't nuthing to Owf with."

  2. No offense to Nigeria and Iran, but I could not care less about this game. I'm just clock-watching at this point.

      1. I was just coming to say that I think we'll have our first draw, and nil-nil at that.

  3. Spotted at the bar
    06 Eddie Pope (mine, obvs)
    Red and white hope hoop Dempsey
    2010(?) Feilhaber
    Some awful Tottenham Hotspur third kit Dempsey

    1. Kevin Prince Boateng Ghana jersey (props to that guy for having the chutzpah)
      Blank bomb pop USA jersey (edit x4)

        1. Blank red slash on blue
          Blank neon green Sounders jersey (I assume for Dempsey)

    1. The author of that, and I don't know how to put this delicately, can go fuck himself.

        1. There's my patriarchal sexism showing. I didn't even look at the byline and assumed.

    2. I don't know if that was intended to be serious or not, but I think there are people who feel somewhat that way, and I don't understand it. I've never understood why people get angry when others are interested in things that they're not. I don't really care about the World Cup, but it doesn't bother me that others do, and I don't understand why it should bother other people, either.

      1. I agree. It would be like people coming to this website to rip on the NFL all the time.

      2. I actually read it as a comedy piece and not at all serious. There are signs all over that piece suggesting that my read is plausible.

  4. So for some reason, the watchespn channel on the roku didn't ask me for a cable provider, so that's awesome.

    1. Ok, it appears your feed is ahead of mine. I'd best ease up on the refreshing.


  5. I'm worried about this team's defending against Portugal and Germany, particularly on the left side.

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