11 thoughts on “World Cup Matchday 6”

  1. This is one of those rare times I find myself wishing I had cable. On the upside, I work during World Cup games for the next eight days and it's much easier to steal a good 30 minutes of the game here and there at work than it is to find a reliable stream that won't kill on me.

    1. I was happy I remembered that my pop's password (which I "borrowed" for the Olympics and the hockey playoffs) works on the 4ltr's online content.

      1. My dad doesn't do anything on the 'nets so he couldn't provide me with a username and password (since my brother's DirecTV won't work with ESPN. thanks, dicks.), but fortunately one of my other brothers inexplicably has an online account for my dad's cable, so I've got the game going on my phone right now.

  2. Both Brazil and Mexico only need one point in their final group game to move on.

    The scenarios are still too numerous for Group A, but tomorrow after Croatia/Cameroon things should solidify a little bit.

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