15 thoughts on “World Cup Matchday 7”

  1. I step out for 2 minutes to move the washing into the dryer and I missed BOTH goals

  2. Why is Australia Upside-down (or at least Southside-up) in that header image?
    I could see it maybe as an anti-northist point-of-view but Chile is presented in the usual fashion.

  3. This Netherlands-Australia game sounds insane. I'm really bummed I didn't tape it.

    1. Its definitely about the most entertaining game I've watched so far. And to think, I wasn't even going to bother considering the matchup.

  4. What to do when "Sports" is a Websense blocked category? Read the game feed at elmundo.es! I detect a bit of angst evolving into resigned disbelief amongst the spaniards. Can anyone translate "Puro impotencia..."?

    1. You could simplify that Group B table:
      Chile Win: 1. Chile 2. Netherlands
      Else: 1. Netherlands 2. Chile

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