47 thoughts on “2014 Game 72: Chicago White Sox at Minnesota Twins”

  1. Doubles
    1. Cabrera (DET) 24
    2. Altuve (HOU) 23
    Pedroia (BOS) 23
    4. Plouffe (MIN) 22
    Escobar (MIN) 22

  2. Got the FIL+MIL (PILs?) out here in H'istan this weekend. They flew first class!

    Italian hot+sweet sausages on the grill with peppers/onions on Portuguese rolls. Luxury.

    Channeling TIBN on the JamBox out on the back patio by the firepit. Hartford starting to practice their fireworks...

  3. Dazzle and Provii discussing which Mpls street to name after Cap'n October for the ASG...

    1. I'll tee up Portland. Can't touch University, Hennepin, Lyndale, Washington, or 4th. Just sayin.

    1. That's awesome. What I like are the dudes in the stands that don't move at all. Cardboard cutouts?

      1. Swarzak. It's the sixth inning, so you need a reliever that can get through the sixth and hopefully the seventh to get to Fien/Thielbar and Perkins.

        Based on the current bullpen though, Guerrier isn't an awful choice. He has a better FIP than Swarzak. Could pick Deduno...

          1. slightly sarcastic, but mostly just wondering

            I wouldnt bring Deduno in a game where runners are on base.

  4. Bremer favorably comparing Eaton to Scott Pods ca. 2005. The White Sox would be sorely disappointed if they got Podsednik 2.0.

  5. Gah.
    Think Perkins will throw Willingham's "defense" under the bus with Pinto's pitch-framing?

  6. I'm intrigued by the Sox's strategy to walk all the batters this inning. I wonder what their long-term plan is.

    1. Darn, they didn't have the balls to stick with their strategy. Too bad- I thought they were really on to something.

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