19 thoughts on “World Cup Matchday 9”

    1. Remember when Slovakia out-Italy'd Italy in 2010 (tons of time-wasting and just lots of cheeky, solid defending)? It was great watching Italy get more and more frustrated by their own medicine. I'm hoping Costa Rica will do the same (although the stakes aren't as high, because Italy still has ways to advance).

  1. UEFA is now under .500 for the tournament. (5 wins, 6 losses, 1 draw against other federations).

    CONCACAF (+1) and CONMEBOL (+10) are currently the only federations with a positive goal differential in the tournament.

    1. I wonder if even FTLT can bring himself to wager on a French match. You'd have to be a genius, masochist, or problem gambler (or maybe a little of all three) because there is no way to know which France will show up.

  2. France having so many different scorers that the on-screen graphic had to scroll is one of the more embarrassing things I've ever seen.

  3. That was a fantastically taken full volley, but unfortunately for Switzerland the game started about an hour and a half ago.

  4. Heh.

    Luis Suarez
    Strengths: Knows racial slurs in nine languages; Sharp molars in lower jaw; Obliviousness to social norms and basic human decency allows him to really focus on playing soccer

    1. I'm sorry to say that probably better than doubled my knowledge of international soccer. But funny.
      Also, did you catch the "Women's Sports and Soccer" category they displayed?

      1. That's been like that since Onion Sports got its own page years ago. Still one of my favorite running gags if theirs.

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