2014 Game 77: Minnesota Twins vs Los Angeles Angels



Minnesota Twins vs. Los Angeles Angels
(36-40)                                             (43-33)
Angel Stadium
2000 East Gene Autry Way
Anaheim, California 92806
12:35 PM PT

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Minnesota Twins Starting Lineup
1. Fuld, CF
2. Dozier, 2B
3. Mauer, DH
4. Morales, 1B
5. Arcia, RF
6. Suzuki, C
7. Parmelee, LF
8. Escobar, 3B
9. Florimon, SS

Los Angeles Angels Starting Lineup
1. Calhoun, RF
2. Trout, CF
3. Pujols, DH
4. Hamilton, LF
5. Aybar, SS
6. Kendrick, 2B
7. Conger, C
8. Freese, 3B
9. Navarro, 1B

Probable Starting Pitchers
Ricky Nolasco
4-5, 5.52
Jered David Weaver
7-6, 3.47

Photo Courtesy of Ray_from_LA

20 thoughts on “2014 Game 77: Minnesota Twins vs Los Angeles Angels”

  1. I'm sure the sun is bad, but if Florimon can't play defense, what exactly is it that he can do?

    1. "The guy comes from the Dominican Republic, where the sun shines three hundred and sixty days a year, and he loses a fly ball in the sun!" Harry Caray

  2. I know what people mean when they say it, but is there really a "National League style" and an "American League style" any more?

  3. Apparently, Nolasco is going to stop being "almost good" by not being good at all.

  4. The Twins are on a pace to get the same score as the U. S. men's soccer team today.

  5. About time for me to leave. Maybe things will get better after I'm gone. Go get 'em, Twins.

  6. I was about to complain about a .229/.301/.337 batter leading off when I realized they almost literally have no other options. The bench is what, Fryer & Willingham?

    1. No options? How about moving Fuld to 9th with everyone else moving up a spot. Dozier led off in April when the Twins were near the top of the AL in runs scored. I'd even stomach Escobar leading off over Fuld. Terrible decision, although just having to play Fuld and Florimon in the same lineup has a lot bigger impact than where they bat.

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