32 thoughts on “World Cup Matchday 19”

    1. BELUSA seemed to be the only match of the knockouts that did not have an 80% favorite among the Yahoo! participants.
      I assume that changes once it's Round of Eight.

      1. I wonder what the split is on a non-US site.

        The bookie I used in Prague has the USA (-415) as the favorite (BEL @ -207)

  1. There's a guy named "Granit Xhaka"?

    Can't believe that the Argentinians haven't yet poked any holes in the Swiss defense.
    Sooner or later, the bubble's gonna burst.

    1. Even money says he's of Albanian descent.

      My favorite dictator name (yes, I realise how silly it is to have one of those) is Enver Hoxha, which once led me down the Wikipedia hole on the Albanian language and naming conventions. So now I'm pretty much fluent in Albanian.*

      *I can pick out an Albanian name with a modicum of confidence.

      1. Albanian Names:
            Mother Theresa
            John Belushi
        That's all I got.

        My favorite dictator was always Fujimori because I liked the Japanese surname ruling Peru.

  2. I had this ARGSUI match 3-1. I don't think that's going to all happen in extra time. Algeria bailed me out yesterday, but lightning doesn't strike twice.

    1. Co-worker and I walk into the breakroom to catch the PKs. Instead: ARG Goal.
      Good pick, Magoo. You might be able to pass me in the next game. Or nibs could tie me.
      I'm still unsettled about my pick for that game, so might mix it up some.

    1. Closing the gap. Hopefully I can pass you with the right USA result, but that's very much secondary to the US advancing wherever the scoreline.

  3. So the first seven favorites advance.
    The only Old-World team to beat a New-World team was Netherlands over Mexico.
    One of the three Benelux countries vs one of the three north American countries (Let's let Central America be it's own region here, OK?).

      1. I'm going to straight stab a bitch if we lose at this point. Because it'll mean we made a mistake that is usually avoidable.

        1. I'm so tense. It's a good thing I'm on my 6th beer or I'd be two seconds from a heart attack.

    1. So Mags ties me with a US win that isn't 1-0, and gets ahead with that score.
      I wonder if I get points if it's a 1-1 game that the US wins.
      Nibs cannot tie me, but can make up half of the deficit (and get ahead of Mags) with a 2-1 Belgian win.

    1. I've gone from happy buzz to angry drunk, which is bad news for all involved.

    1. I may not be representative, or know what I'm talking about, but I know I came away feeling pretty good about US soccer. I also am glad I bought that bottle of bourbon on my way home today.

  4. Goddamnerrung. I got through the whole day without knowing the score until I logged out of my twitter account and saw it on the sidebar. Well, crap. There goes the suspense of watching the DVR of the game when I get home.

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