21 thoughts on “June 2, 2014: Oh, For the Love”

  1. Minor Details will once again be delayed. Nothing's going on, really, just too many things going on at night and too many things that have had to be done first thing in the morning.

  2. Huascar Ynoa

    Not to make fun of people's names, but that honestly looks like an anagram, abbreviation, or simply someone else's name spelled backwards.

    Also, I hope Huascar is awesome and wins hundreds of games for the team.

  3. Hall and Oates performing at GW's alumni weekend this fall (would be my 10th reunion) but Sheenie and I will be missing it for more important things. Oh well...

  4. Has anyone changed auto insurance policies to Progressive? I looked at them on-line and got a pretty decent quote but will that go up in 6 months, etc?

    I've been with State Farm forever and haven't had a claim in over 10 years. But now I have 1/3 less people to insure and 1/2 the cars (I sold the mini-van), but my rate is not even going down by 25 percent. I realize I had a multi-car discount and now will insure one car, but jeez.

    1. Pretty much every auto insurance policy will go up, and it's generally a good practice to review (ie: switch) every couple of years to maintain better rates.

    2. I just switched to Progressive this month. I hadn't thought about any six month increases (which sounds pretty criminal to me if you don't have any claims), so I'll definitely be taking a look at it around that time.

    3. Likewise been with State Farm forever. Mutual company policy. Last time I looked around, I could not get a lower rate.

    4. We've been with Progressive for several years and haven't had any problems. Of course, we haven't been in any accidents in that time, either.

  5. We got our All Star game tickets today. A co-workers of Linds' bought them, then decided she had no interest in them. Should be fun.

  6. Thunderstorm == Comcast down == no internets except on iPhones. Natch.

    We had some plans for this week/weekend. But reset.

    Tonite - ExpoWheelmen timetrials cancelled due to thunderstorms (and work calls going to 6:30 bells).
    Tomorrow - Lake T. triathlon cancelled due to weathery.

    I think we will just hang at the house and do projects.

  7. It nearly hit 100° here today. I ran 3 miles this morning, rode 9 to get to my other appointments, rode 7 roundtrip to footy practice and had practice too. I've been sucking down water like no one's business, but I still wouldn't be surprised if I lost 3 pounds.

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