2014 Game 86: The Empire, Striking Back @ The sCrappy Rebel’s Base

Why Star Wars? Hell if I know.

Yohan Pino tries to keep the imperial troops from entering the base as the evil empire counters with David Phelps.

Here's hoping that this one deviates from the script. After this one and tomorrow's tilt, we don't get any more chances at these guys, and a season series win would sure be awesome.

41 thoughts on “2014 Game 86: The Empire, Striking Back @ The sCrappy Rebel’s Base”

  1. In discussing last year's gift to Mariano and this year's to Jeter --
    Dazzle: "I'm not so sure, I mean what are some of his [Jeter's] hobbies that you could get him?"

    A little black book?

  2. Holy cats -- you could pretty much hear the whole back-and-forth between the ump and Gardy on the radio in that exchange leading up to Gardy's expulsion.

    1. The incompetent tend to be quick to silence criticism because they know they have no effective answer to it.

  3. Dick Bremer going on and on (again) about batters striking out too many times. Back in the day, it was embarrassing to strikes out 100+ times. Then he mentions Harmon Killebrew's MVP season where he struck out only 84 times.

    But when Bremer doesnt say is Harmon's struck out a lot. 162 game avg of 113. Top 10 in strike out 8 times. is 27th all time in strikeouts.

    Perhaps I should put the mute on.

  4. Unless Parmelee is a better bunter than I think he is, I would not have him bunting here.

  5. Bert : "a HR would be nice, but a hit would be better"
    Bremer: "HUH?!?!?"


  6. Focus on the batter, Burton. If you get him out, what the runner is doing won't matter. And if you don't get him out, what the runner is doing probably won't matter, either.

  7. If we're going to use each reliever for one inning only, we're going to run out of good relievers rather quickly.

  8. A bit surprised they didn't walk Morales to set up the double play, but he hasn't been hitting very well.

  9. Dazzle, I can't even begin to imagine that they would be throwing at Arcia there.

  10. I love a suicide squeeze in this situation, but the Twins don't have the people in positions to do it.

  11. Given the number of frustrating losses the Twins have had against the Yankees over the years, it's about time we got one like this.

  12. All he had to do there is nail Plouffe in the back and it's runner interference. TWINS BASEBALL!! wins again.

  13. Yankees great defense prevents Twins from tying the game yesterday so it seems only fair that the Yankees' bad defense hands the Twins a win today. Nice to see good pitching wasn't completely wasted, although it would have been nice to win it in 9.

  14. Yeah, Plouffe! was definitely in fair territory quite a bit on the way to first, but the Yanks blew any chance at trying to get that call.

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