17 thoughts on “World Cup Matchday 22”

  1. I got busy watching "Friday Night Lights". I just clicked over and literally said "Holy Fuck" out loud.

    1. I thought the google scorekeeper had somehow caught all of the German goals for the tournament (through that point in the game). What's the mercy rule in the World Cup?

      1. Uncannily like every NCAA pool I ever join.
        If the first round games are ever worst the most, I'm going to rule all pools I enter.

  2. I'm going back to the archives from a couple of weeks ago when I told Uberman that I thought Germany was strongest team in tournament and going to repost.

    1. Germany is really good, but today's result says more about Brazil than it says about Germany. IIRC, at the time I was making the point that even though Germany was the favorite in Group G, it was unlikely that they would sweep the group. As it turns out, they didn't sweep the group and on top of that, Algeria took them to extra time.

  3. from the Guardian's live-blog of the game:

    42 min: If Brazil were a horse, you'd throw a blanket over them, erect the green screens and do the humane thing. As it is, they've another 48 minutes of this torture to go. They're getting rent asunder here, losing a World Cup semi-final 5-0in their own manner. Their players are distraught and making a mess of everything, while the TV producer here is having an absolute ball picking out wailing Brazilians in the crowd.

    1. I joked to my co-worker before I left that I hoped there was seven minutes of stoppage time just to prolong the agony.

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