Game 105: The Minnesotas vs. The Kansas Cities

Its been a few weeks since I remembered to put up a Tuesday game log, so here's to remembering!

Gibson (8-8, 4.19 ERA) vs. Shields (9-5, 3.58 ERA)

Will we get good Gibson or bad Gibson tonight? No idea, but I haven't really paid much attention lately with all the travel and such going on in my life. I'm going to guess it'll be bad Gibson so that this start will either meet my expectations or exceed. Gotta stay positive.

39 thoughts on “Game 105: The Minnesotas vs. The Kansas Cities”

  1. Let's start this game log off right:


  2. We should get one-fourth of a run for each base we get. But hey, we're still tied after an inning and a half!

  3. So Provus has gone from "the ball hit the ground" to "that's a catch" to "the ball hit the ground" in about forty-five seconds.

      1. The fact that Provus kept going back and forth leads me to believe that, at most, there was not convincing evidence that the call of out was wrong.

          1. Gardy was spot on right. When a manager loses a challenge, he can ask for an explanation. He can't argue. This was definitely a ‪#‎GardyToss‬ he can be proud of. I hope the umpire gets fined by MLB.

    1. That's a cool article, but the part I found most interesting was:

      Poulson turned up and insisted on sprinting. He hadn't warmed up and was wearing only socks.

      "I had cold legs," he said. "Maybe I would have run it faster."

      If he'd been around a few years ago, he could've thrown batting practice to Mike Redmond.

        1. I'm excited by the fact that he's a pitcher who hasn't thrown a bazillion innings in his life. New arm!

  4. Royals are the anti-true outcomes offense. Last in HRs, last in BBs, 2nd to last in Ks (if I heard Dazz right).

      1. You could easily substitute "Twins" for "Royals" in so much of that piece, and so many of the comments.

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