2014: Game 136 – Minnesota at Baltimore

Tough game last night. Best outcome today would be to win the game and avoid the sweep.

Starting Pitchers
Nolasco (5-9, 5.62 ERA)
Chen (13-4, 3.76 ERA)


1. D. Santana, CF
2. B. Dozier, 2B
3. J. Mauer, DH
4. K. Vargas, 1B
5. T. Plouffe, 3B
6. C. Parmelee, RF
7. E. Nunez, SS
8. E. Fryer, C
9. J. Schafer, LF

1. N. Markakis, RF

2. D. Lough, LF

3.   A. Jones, CF

4. N. Cruz, DH

5. C. Davis, 1B

6. J. Hardy, SS

7. J. Paredes, 3B

8. R. Flaherty, 2B

9.  C. Joseph, C

Sunday, Aug. 31: Why not?

Jose Berrios was just promoted to AAA Rochester to make an important start in their final desperate push for a playoff spot. Danny Santana was promoted to the majors after about a month at AAA. Kennys Vargas was promoted straight from AA. Berrios has always been considered the superior prospect. Why shouldn't he be a rotation candidate next spring for the Twins?

Happy Birthday–August 31

Dad Clarkson (1866)
Duke Farrell (1866)
Red Ehret (1868)
Monte Cross (1869)
Eddie Plank (1875)
Sarge Connally (1898)
Ray Berres (1907)
Ray Dandridge (1913)
Danny Litwhiler (1916)
Frank Robinson (1935)
Boots Day (1947)
Claudell Washington (1954)
Tom Candiotti (1957)
Von Hayes (1958)
Mike Hartley (1961)
Hideo Nomo (1968)
Pat Howell (1968)
Tim Raines (1979)
Ramon Santiago (1979)
Armando Gabino (1983)

Ray Dandridge is considered by some to be the greatest Negro League third baseman.

We would also like to wish a happy birthday to brianS’ son.

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