Game 111: the San Diegos vs. The Minnesotas

Whoops. I had intended to do this at the end of the work day, but forgot and then I had to o
Mow, so that's why it's late.

Anyway, Phil Hughes takes on one of the most atrocious offenses in baseball history, which is good because Jesse Hahn takes on the Twin's post-16-run offense, which, without looking it up, guarantees them getting shut out.

Since the last time I brought up my yard was pretty interesting, I thought I'd mention the crabapple tree. This year it was taken over by some vine. Any idea what it might bed and should I do so etching about it?

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    1. I'm not even sure if it's really a problem, really. It's just annoying to mow under.

      1. I really should have mowed tonite, but it was so warm out, I just wanted to skulk into the panic-room (w/ AC).

      2. We lost an apple tree at the old house that was overrun by a Virginia Creeper (aka Woodbine). It came from the neighbor's yard and started pulling it over. Grapes can do the same thing, but at least they have edible rather than poisonous berries.

        Is the vine woody?

        Solution? Cut the vine where it climbs the tree and pull it out of the tree. Then trace the vine back to its roots in the ground an pull it out as best you can.

        If the vine has thorns, it's probably Greenbiar and you're best salting the yard, burning down the house, and taking your family west. Unless you can find good gloves.

        1. I took a picture this morning, but for some reason can't find it on my phone. It doesn't look quite like the image in that wiki entry, but I have a feeling its still a Virginia creeper. It is woody. I think I have some time before it kills the tree, but I might try to rip it out this weekend. It might be a cathartic experience.

          1. Yeah, you probably have time. But it can be fun.

            Virginia Creeper has waxy (looking somewhat like poison ivy) compound leaves that typically have five leaflets coming from a central point, with reasonably large (1/4") serrations on the leaf margin. So it kindof looks like a kid's drawing of a pot leaf.
            Grape leaves look more like maple leaves (palmate lobed) but with the secondary points curving to where they're nearly parallel with the central point.

            Virginia Creeper berries have red stems when ripe and have clusters that almost form an umbrella.
            Grapes, even wild ones with little berries, have bunches like grapes you'd get in a store. Only much smaller.

            You can use wild grape leaves in cooking as you would domestic grape leaves.

            1. I'll check it out further when I get home, maybe get another picture. I'm half tempted to just let it kill the tree, honestly. It looks nice when it flowers, but I hate it otherwise.

                1. You know, after doing some research I'm thinking it isn't a crabapple tree because the apples are too big. I'm not sure what kind it is, but it gets big white flowers.

          1. It looks like I already have.

            I hear you though. I live in a new development, so all of the empty lots are nothing but weeds. It makes it fairly difficult to keep them out of my lawn, especially given my lazy attitude towards taking care of my lawn.

            1. The joys of home-ownership, eh?
              Funny thing is, I'd rather spend hours and hours pulling noxious weeds, trimming hedges, mowing lawn, etc., than my run of the mill, 8-hour day here at the office.

  1. LOL - the only thing coming in on Gameday Audio are the MN and SD Espanol feeds.

    Works for me.

  2. Ugh, what the hell ESPN? The Watch ESPN app is telling me that Yankees-Tigers is "trending" and that I can "watch now", buy when I opened it, it was frickin poker. Live poker is the second to last thing I want to watch.

      1. I think I'd rather watch both of those more than live poker, but I'd choose cards over college football.

  3. Just finished scoring 32 runs and now two hits through 4.1 innings. I assume they're just waiting for the bullpen before unleashing the run monster.

  4. oooooh, Phil Hughes getting pretty close to notching a 10 strikeout game, which hasnt happened to a Twins pitcher in like 3 or 4 years

    1. Hey Rhu-Ru, sorry I missed you Sunday. Hope you had a good time at the Chasers, looked like you had good seats.

  5. Dick says Hicks promoted to AAA. He also mentions an opening in AA for Buxton. Only a month left in the season, albeit Rochester will likely have some postseason games.

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