Game 124: The Clevelands at The Minnesotas

Bauer (4-7, 4.18 ERA) vs. Gibson (11-9, 3.96 ERA)

Now that the Twins have finished up helping the Royals stay ahead of the Tigers, they're hanging around Target Field to see if they can't get the Clevelands into the wild card race. I really haven't been paying a lot of attention, because last place, but at least it sounds like Mauer is back to being Mauer and Gibson has been throwing pretty good as of late.

22 thoughts on “Game 124: The Clevelands at The Minnesotas”

  1. awwww bad break there as Mauer hits an automatic double. Would have scored two if it stayed in play

  2. Every time Arcia hits a home run, Dazzle tells us that this is going to be the turning point for him. I hope one of these days he turns out to be right.

    1. dang, 27 dingers and an OPS+ of 103 or so after 600 at bats makes that a heck of a turning point.

  3. Gibson was tired of worrying about the guy on third and attempts to bounce the ball into the stands. Almost succeeded in making it over the net.

  4. In a season of lots of losses, that was a terrible loss. Score 5 runs before an out is recorded and shut down the rest of the way.

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