Game Recap #123: Last Place Team 4, First Place Team 6


Well, Trevor May was better.  In fact, for four innings, he was quite good,   He allowed only three hits and a walk in the first four inning, and two of the hits were infield singles.  He then fell apart in the fifth, walking three guys and giving up three singles before being removed from the game.

May's line for the game therefore doesn't look very good, but I'm going to choose to focus on the four innings in which he pitched well rather than the one in which he did not.  As often happens, I was not following the game, so I don't know if anything happened in the fifth that was identifiable as a reason why he fell apart, and for once I won't speculate.  If you know something, please inform me in an LTE.  The four good innings, though, do give Mr. May something to build on for the future, and it is to be hoped that the Twins will look at it that way.

Trevor Plouffe hit a three-run homer in the ninth to make the final score look better.  On the one hand, had the Twins bullpen pitched better, that three-run homer might have actually meant something.  On the other hand, had the Twins bullpen pitched better, we'd have seen Greg Holland at the start of the ninth, so who knows whether Plouffe would've hit a three-run homer at all.  We know that once Holland came into the game the Twins offense went back to doing what it had done the rest of the game, which is to say nothing much.  Our consolation, for what it's worth, is that at least they were shut down by a good pitcher.

So next we welcome the Clevelands for a three-game series.  Tonight we actually have kind of an interesting matchup of young pitchers, as Kyle Gibson faces Trevor Bauer.  We're down to thirty-nine games left, folks.  We'll just have to settle for 94-68!

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  1. In the fifth, May walked the speedy Alcides Escobar on a 3-2 pitch with one out. After that, it looked like he was focusing a lot on Escobar at first and was using a slide step. Everything was up after that when he walked Jarrod Dyson on five pitches. He got a weak groundout from Aoki that advanced the runners before walking Omar Infante on a very close 3-2 pitch that was slightly low. Salvador Perez then hit a low and away curveball off the end of his bat on the first pitch for a bloop two-run single. Billy Butler then hit a first-pitch fastball that looked to be up and in but still in the strike zone for an RBI single, although Infante would have been out if Fryer would have caught the one-hop through from Santana to end the inning with just two runs scored. The hardest hit ball was the following single by Alex Gordon that ended May's day.

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