14 thoughts on “August 23, 2014: Sweet Pickles”

  1. Big game for the Austin Crows as Denver comes to town today. Kickoff is at 10. Pregame nerves are definitely here.

  2. did you know that Phil Hughes is on the AL leaderboard in strikeouts?
    also, Hughes' 14 wins is tied for best in the AL.

    1. 10th in strikeouts with 148. Odorizzi is ninth at 153. Hughes is just outside the top ten for pitcher rWAR; he's at 3.3 while Keuchel has a 3.6. FanGraphs has Hughes fifth in MLB with a 4.9 fWAR. He's also just outside the top ten for innings pitched; he has 165 while Weaver is tenth with 167.2.

      1. Even when Hughes was struggling earlier this year, he was still better than all the other Twins pitchers

  3. Fulham are 0-0-4 for 0 points and a -7 GD to start off. League 1 here we come. *mutters*Fucking wankers.

  4. Sang at the nursing home again today (with Twayn's brother on guitar) and MLB at bat kept chirping away in my pocket - I had to check a couple times between songs to make sure it was Twins runs being tallied.

  5. Just got back from Guardians . What a perfect summer movie. Fun and dumb and sweet and shit blows up.

    Ronan is a cardboard baddie, Close is wasted (or mailing it in), but most of the rest of the cast is excellent.

    1. Me and the wife watched it last weekend. I agree completely with you, great movie, tons of fun and lots of action.

  6. I made socca again tonight, to accompany grilled chicken skewers and sauteed spinach with cashews and craisins.

    2.5 cups besan (chickpea flour), big pinch of salt, a few grinds of pepper and a dash of ground cumin, mixed with about 2-2.5 cups cold water and a Tbsp or so olive oil to make a pancake-consistency batter. Let stand covered for several hours. This makes for a smoother texture and better flavor.

    One onion, sliced thin and sauteed in oil until nicely browned. Let cool.
    A Tbsp or so of fresh rosemary, roughly chopped.

    Mix the rosemary into the batter.

    Heat a cast iron skillet for a couple minutes on high and turn on your broiler. Add about 2-3 Tbsp olive oil, then 2-3 ladles of the batter to the pan. Sprinkle some of the onions over the top (they will settle in if you move quickly). Fry on high for about 2 minutes, then under the broiler. I broiled for about 3-4 minutes, until the top looked done and some browned/burnt spots started showing. Use a spatula to remove to a platter, return the skillet to the stove on high. Add more olive oil and batter and repeat, until all the batter is used up. I sprinkled coarse sea salt on the pancakes right before they went under the broiler.

    done this way, mine were about the thickness of pizza, and could be topped with pizza toppings and returned to the broiler or onto a grill to finish. Or it could be topped like bruschetta.

    cut into wedges or squares and serve as-is, or topped with whatever suits your fancy. Mine were pliable, not completely crispy, with just a bit of chew (despite no gluten).

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