59 thoughts on “Day game alert! Tigers at Twins, game 1 * and 2!”

    1. Last night Arcia crushed one that the first baseman caught that I probably would have ducked away from.

  1. There appears to be a large skunk in the background of this picture.
    I'm having a hard time deciphering what it actually is, or un-seeing the skunk. Shouldn't have him roaming about in foul territory anyhow.
    Let's hope that's not a bad omen.

      1. Gigantic skunk. It appears to be fixated on the first base coach. The ref down the line seems unperturbed by it.

              1. I have it on good authority (man, those security guards have no sense of humor) that a little stick figure with a top hat does not confer ownership, but maybe a tutu makes a difference?

        1. The second game had Justin Morneau blasting 3 HRs and Matt Garza batting because Mike Redmond got hurt in the first inning.

    1. Right now it's been two outs. Glad the Twins didn't get stuck at 9 runs. (B/C teams that score exactly 9 runs win less often than teams that score exactly 8 runs.)

  2. Brian Dozier is now at 89 runs scored this year. Now tied with Washington's Rendon for the MLB lead.

      1. Out of 88 PA through yesterday, 8 have been with bases loaded, part of 33 with RISP.
        Overall, he's come to bat with 71 runners: 28 on first, 25 on second, and 18 on third.

      1. This about this: If Verlander gets 5 outs, he would be the most successful Tigers starting pitcher of the series.

  3. Danny Santana is approaching 300 PA this season. Is this just an extended hot streak, or is Santana going to be a useful player?

  4. Angels give up the lead run on a wild pitch in the 8th, lose 2-1 to the A's. They are now tied for first in the West.

      1. Angels were coming off a hot streak of beating up on lousy teams, whereas A's were slumping. Big series, but still a lot of head-to-head remaining.

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