Game 131: The Minnesotas at The Kansas Cities

Nolasco (5-9, 5.96 ERA) vs. Duffy (8-11, 2.53 ERA)

The Twins head to KC to face the King Royals, starting off the series in what has been the worst possible way this year: with Nolasco pitching. Maybe this is when he turns a corner, gets his game on track?

The deck project is going about as well as expected, I say sarcastically. Arguments abound, though I've manage to convince my wife that a pergola would look completely awful in my hands. (there was much yelling.) I've given in on deck size, expanding my hope of 12'x12' to at least 14', though the Menards design tool tells me it will cost $1,001,400 or so.

Also, its been hot down here lately (and absurdly humid), so maybe seeing the fountains at Kaufman will help.

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  1. The deck project is going about as well as expected, I say sarcastically

    We have to redo our back porch in Scandia (wood is rotting). Am thinking about the recycled planks - anyone have experience with these?

        1. Greater. It was 10 years ago, so couldn't tell you exactly.

          Only maintenance has been to work a little Deck Wash into it periodically to remove some mold in shaded areas, otherwise it's held up nicely.

          1. That's what killed our wooden back porch - mold in the shady areas, and not-treated with Thompsons or such.

            1. What's killing my redwood is the fact that the dumbasses who built it installed many of the boards upside down. That and the low-VOC semi-transparent stains of today that can't handle our sun for more than a season.

        2. After pricing out decks, the Trex boards are about twice that of wood. But, from having tested recycled composite decking in a previous job, they do perform well. I tested a Trex competitor, but it failed I've test so didn't get listed, but Trex is listed.

            1. I did an accelerated weathering test that put the boards through some harsh shit like salt water spray and constant uv light. I don't remember the exact amount of time, but it was something like two weeks for each. They'll sag faster, but I bet they'd do 25 years without having to do any staining our season every year, although there isn't going to be any examples of that yet.

              1. The horizontals on the railings required a bit of blocking to prevent sagging, but the decking is fine. Wondering if I have a photo online somewhere...yes! A winter one with 8 cardinals:
                All Trex except the large posts.

  2. For a minutes I thot that dude on the sidelines was from the WWF and was going to smack him with the folding chair.

  3. You aren't entitled to win the Central just because you haven't done it in 20 years.

  4. It's been awhile since I bought a bomber, but the wife and kids went to her sisters and I had a hard evening of mowing a month's worth of growth so I got myself a bottle of this that's coming out right after I finished a glass of my smoked wheat.

  5. Last time in Minny, had a tasting at the Surly factory floor - liked this Sour Beer (Brettanomyces) Funky, Dark, and Sour

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