52 thoughts on “2014: Game 138 – Black Sox vs. Twins”

  1. Thats about the only time I'll applaud a runner sliding into first base. Schaffer didnt have much of a choice

      1. Ullger definitely has a history of getting guys thrown out at third or at home. Didn't see that happening with Vavra out there coaching third.

  2. Nice to see Miss Copeland again. One absolute hell of a dancer, and not too hard on the eyes either.

    1. Hey Greek! Do you know how many eight-run innings you haven't been in the gamelog for this year?

  3. Sheesh -- Nick Gordon won't be playing in any more Elizabethton playoff games; out for the rest of the season with a broken index finger. I'd say we're snake-bit, but that injury has yet to happen.

  4. JI

    JIM THOME has the most HR against the Twins (61). I wonder how many other players have a record for most HR against a team and also eventually played for that team?

      1. JI

        JIM THOME's HR v. Twins by pitcher

        Reed 9
        Eric Milton 6
        Bradke 5
        Johan 4
        Silva 3
        Mays 3
        Adam Johnson 2
        Blackburn 2
        Aguilera 2
        Baker 2
        Swarzak 1
        Tewksbury 1
        Booferdoodle 1
        Pavano 1
        Cali 1
        Dan Perkins 1
        Dave Stevens 1
        Erik Schullstrom 1
        Frankie Rodriguez 1
        Crain 1
        Nathan 1
        Rincon 1
        DePaula 1
        Tapani 1
        Lohse 1
        LaTroy 1
        Garza 1
        Mahomes 1
        Aldred 1
        Diamond 1
        Erickson 1
        Sean Bergman 1
        Todd Ritchie 1
    1. Team Batter HR
      LAA A-Rod 70
      ARI Bonds 39
      ATL Mays 83
      BAL Ruth 96
      BOS Ruth 90
      CHC Mays 92
      CHW Ruth 98
      CIN Aaron 97
      CLE Ruth 92
      COL Bonds 54
      DET Ruth 123
      HOU Aaron 46
      KCR JI
      LAD Mays 98
      MIA Chipper Jones 40
      MIL Reggie Jackson 62
      MIN* Ruth 89
      NYM Stargell 60
      NYY Foxx 70
      OAK Ruth 108
      PHI Banks 82
      PIT Ott 83
      SDP Bonds 87
      SEA Palmeiro 52
      SFG Musial 89
      STL Aaron 91
      TBR A-Rod 47
      TEX** Reggie Jackson 54
      TOR A-Rod 56
      WAS*** Bonds 65

      Looks like Ruth v BOS is the only one to have a record versus a team he also played for. The Thome answer is against the Twins only, not the entire franchise history.

      *Includes original Senators
      **Includes second Senators
      ***Includes Montreal

      I'd be interested in doing those splits above, as well as the Giants, Dodgers, Braves, and A's. Any other relocations?

      Browns/Orioles? Pilots/Brewers?

      1. Clearly he's not used to playing in Target Field. You have to learn that the walls are really close to the foul lines and that the ball can bounce back in a hurry.

  5. So... what I was saying about the crowd noise option earlier - it helps if there's not some jackass loudmouth so near the mic.

  6. That's a great example of how replay should work - in and out in about 30 seconds and the correct call is eventually made. That was probably a smaller delay in the game than if Gardy didn't have that option and went apeshit throwing a tantrum.

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