45 thoughts on “September 2, 2014: State Fair & Labor Day…”

  1. I overheard a woman on the bus talking to her (ex?) husband about how their (presumably) teenage son really needs to go to school today for the first day. Of course I have no idea what the larger story here is, but my heart was kind of breaking for all of them.

  2. 6 weeks in ireland have come and nearly gone for me. I'm feeling a lot of mixed emotions as I get ready to head home. I'll likely never be able to do this kind of stretch again, but I've come away with a new focus on image construction. I have just a couple more days to enjoy time with my friends in the workshop, but am extemely anxious to get back to Dr. Chop. I'm not looking forward to going back to work, but I am excited about returning to NOLA. Rollercoaster.

  3. Summer's long over for me, as the girls started school a month ago. Of course, we're here in MN now and just did the Fair, so I suppose it's not totally over.

    We're doing a Summit brewery tour, possibly seeing Pepper sometime today and also going to Target Field tonight (where I'll have to draft my fantasy team, which should be annoying, but at least if they do poorly I'll have a reason to half-ass watching).

    Does anyone have suggestions on which of the TF restaurants is best?

    1. if you happen to meet a brewer named gabe ask him about the good old days of being in the boy band 2 fresh.

        1. There isn't. Last I heard he was on the night shift, but that rotates annually. He's a great friend from college, also lived with nate bahls, and would be totally floored if a random stranger asked about 2 fresh.

      1. Mmm, rib tips. I smoked two racks of spare ribs a week ago when the Boy got home. Lots of apron meat and rib tips too. I have irrational love for rib tips.

        1. I'm going to use smoked ribs (using the snake method!) as bribery for helping me with the deck. I think it will work ok.

            1. who needs a smoker? Not this guy. I'll take credit for introducing you to the method, and I'll take 10% of your burnt offereings.

  4. Summer is most definitely over as school started last week. I somehow managed to be 4/4 with professors this term who love assigning a ton of busy work and have multiple rigid deadlines per week. This is not an ideal situation for me.

    1. I mostly enjoyed seminary, but the worst thing about it was the professors (usually older) who would assign tons of busy work. They seemed to think everyone still came right out of college into seminary and still needed stuff to do. As I was forty-seven, married, and working two jobs, as well as going to school full-time, I really didn't need anything extra to do, and I really resented it.

      1. Oooh, now with wifi! My tax dollars, hard at work.

        If only they had better AC. I am a pool of sweat already.

        1. Jury duty completed. Judge and parties resolved three, count 'em, three felony cases THIS MORNING. The other jury pool got the short straw and is in jury selection on the one unresolved case.


          1. What happened to the 27 8x10 color glossy pictures with the circles and arrows and a paragraph on the back explaining what each one was to be used as evidence against us?

  5. Twins announce call-ups. Guess who isn't in the list.

    The Twins’ .277 batting average in August led the AL, but they went a season-worst 11-18 during the month.

    They led in (earned) runs scored in the top and bottom of innings. Only five shy from giving up the most runs.

    1. Not that he was a star or anything, but I'd like someone to explain to me why we had to waive the Magical Zoomball a few days before rosters expanded, and yet there's room on the forty-man for Doug Bernier.

      1. Because you can never have enough 34-year-old, (minor-league) career .246/.347/.328, middle infielders in the clubhouse.

  6. Yes, summer is over. Saturday morning we moved Younger Daughter into her dorm room and since the seats were all out of the van I spent the afternoon cleaning up the interior and vacuuming the carpets (Jeebus, was it ever humid). This week I'll shampoo the carpet and finish cleaning the leather seats. Sunday was a lazy day, we slept late and drank early, did some yard work, some laundry, some dishes, some computer maintenance, vacuumed floors, etc. Monday I washed the Camry real good, took a long bike ride, and mowed the lawn just as the sun was going down. When the wife got home around 9:00 we had a little fire in the backyard, roasted hot dogs, drank beer and made s'mores. Not a bad way to wrap it all up, but I do admit to feeling a bit melancholy about the empty nest thing.

    Also, thank you, Rhu_Ru, for the emergency game log yesterday. I totally spaced it out, but figure since I'd already done two Monday game logs on off days this year I had some credit coming.

      1. For the record, I got done walking dogs Sunday and went over to my friends pool where we got pretty drunk and swam until about 4AM. I didn't get to sleep until 6, and I had to be up at 7 for work Monday, so I was dragging by lunchtime yesterday.

  7. Sitting in the Vancouver airport, about to come home from our first vacation in a long time.
    EAR was ready to come home a day or two ago, but she had explored the city by herself for a few days before I could join her.
    I passed up a Vancouver Canadians (minor-league) ballcap here in the airport because it cost too much.

  8. I haven't had enough summer these past two years.

    Last summer started great, including a getaway with Philosofette for a destination wedding. But then we lost our daycare in mid-July, for more than a month, which basically led to all sorts of stress and the use of vacation time in a non-vacation manner. This summer was... not relaxing. New baby and my sister's death basically shaped every thing we did (or more often, didn't do) through July. I still managed a few things, like playing softball, but it was a tough time.

    August, on the other hand, has been pretty solid. A few low-stress family get-togethers and weekends without obligations. This past weekend was great: stayed in a hotel halfway between our home and "the cabin" (Philosofette's aunt's) Friday night, swimming and playing with the kids. Easy drive the next day, relaxing at the cabin, fishing with Aquinas, enjoyable time with the kids, games with fun relatives, easyish drive back Sunday, movie night with the kids, visiting the park and grilling out on Monday. That was the kind of summer weekend I've been wanting since July of last year.

    Sad summer will be gone soon, but I do enjoy autumn too, so... we can work with it.

  9. I spent the day on saturday sanding my deck in preparation for re-staining. It's days like those that I think most about Trex.

    I'll wash it mid-week, then draft the Boy and the Mrs (and maybe the Girl too, if she doesn't death-stare me away) to get it stained come the weekend.

  10. I applied two coats of paint to the nursery this weekend and it's just about baby - ready. We also had to make a second trip to the Fair to visit Sheenie's Blue Ribbon cookies. Oh, and had family and neighbors over for grilling last night and got to see my mom for the first time in about about two months (it's killing her that she's missing the pregnancy) because she's been down in Omaha as my grandma's been having all sorts of health problems and finally got moved into hospice last week.

    1. Sorry to hear about your grandmother - the move to hospice can be tough.

      We were at the fair on Saturday but I completely spaced on Sheenie's cookies. Kernel did eat about 15 Sweet Martha's though. Her face when I walked up with that bucket of cookies is something I won't soon forget.

      I didn't have to paint the nursery (yay) since it just rec'd 2 coats in April in conjunction with a leaky roof/chimney repair (boo).

      1. It's ok. She's been in very rough shape physically since May and been bouncing back and forth between hospitals and physical rehab centers. It's definitely much tougher on my grandfather who hasn't had to make too many decisions in the past 62 years. Mentally, she's still just fine, but it had been several months of treating one thing and having another pop up before she finally decided last week her quality of life just wasn't worth it.

        Sadly, I'm pretty much grounder here, for obvious reasons, so I won't be able to go down and visit her in the near future. However, nothing seems imminent, so there's a chance we could go down post-baby and she could meet her eighth great-grandchild.

  11. We had our annual UW multiple kid birthday celebration on Saturday. With four summer birthdays, we were constantly trying to organize parties throughout the summer in the past. So last year we decided to consolidate and go big. We rent a bounce house and each of the kids get two hours to go crazy in it with their friends. We justify the expense by dividing it between the four of them. And we feed them cheap pizza and cupcakes. It's a hit. This year, the rental place was closed on Sunday and the holiday, so we had the thing for three straight days. Nice little cherry on top for the end of summer and now school started today.

    1. Next year, you should add a fifth two-hour increment for local WGOMers who still like to party. I remember all the neighbors pitched in one time and rented one (and put it in our front yard!) and it was also a long weekend, so we got it for an extra day. It didn't take too long for us to discover the joys of filling it with a hose before bouncing.

      1. Darn. With Spooky in town that would have been a great idea. Once the kids are in bed, that's the cocktail hour for parents and friends.

        This year, the rental company messed up my order. I got there Saturday morning and was informed my jumpy castle was nowhere in the warehouse. Instead, they gave me a ginormous 24x16x16 feet high giant inflatable slide!

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