Game Recap #139: Good Guys 11, Bad Guys 4

Number one!

Congratulations to Trevor May on his first major league win!  We can talk about the win being an overrated stat all we want to, but I'm pretty sure it still means something to a starting pitcher, especially when it's his first one.  It was the best major league start of his career, although I'll grant that isn't saying much.  Still, he did okay.  He pitched quite well for three innings, gave up a two-run homer in the fourth, and worked his way out of trouble in the fifth.  It would've been nice to see him for one more inning, but between the rain delay and the long inning and the fact that he was a bit wobbly in the fifth, Gardy probably did the right thing to get May out of there at that point.

The offense did all kinds of good things.  The Eduardos combined for seven hits, Josmil Pinto had a pair of doubles, Joe Mauer was Joe Mauer, and Kennys Vargas launched another home run.  I was surprised to see that was only his sixth.  I don't mean that as a criticism, it just seems like he's hit a lot more than that.  And it looks like, eventually, he will.

It was just kind of a nice win all around.  The Twins got some two-out hits, they were able to play a bunch of people, and they slapped down the White Sox.  Tonight we welcome the Los Angeles Angels.  Kyle Gibson goes for the Twins against Hector Santiago.  Santiago hasn't gone deep into games, but he's done pretty well while he's been in there.  He hasn't gotten much run support, though, a trend we certainly hope continues tonight.  We're down to twenty-three games left folks.  Enjoy them while you can.  We're still on track for 84-78!

26 thoughts on “Game Recap #139: Good Guys 11, Bad Guys 4”

  1. Through 139 games:

    Year Wins Losses Future Wins
    2014 61 78 ?
    2013 61 78 5
    2012 57 82 9
    2011 58 81 5
    2010 82 57 12

    Best chance looks like 70 wins total.

      1. Still weak on the starting pitching (as always). Hughes & Gibson at least give us chances to win. We're giving up much fewer HRs.
        I'll take a young Vargas over an old Willingham at this point -- no brainer.

        Someone needs to give us a table of last year's team stats and this year's and the +/-

        1. I'll take a young Vargas over an old Willingham at this point

          Since it looks like he'll be here for a lot more at-bats next year, can anyone shed some light on the pronunciation of his first name? I've seen about two Twins broadcasts with sound this year and DicknBert kept calling him Kenny, and that sounded very wrong, considering the S. I'm also not willing to give those buffoons the benefit of the doubt on that sort of thing, either.

          1. I was thinking the same thing about the pronunciation of Kennys while listening to the radio. Why is the "s" there at all if it's silent?

              1. Heh. I think it's because I've never seen "Kennys" as a name before. I'm more accustomed to the fact that spelling and pronunciation don't always match up in words and names I commonly encounter. 😉

              2. Wait, what?
                Does she go by "Epper" or "Peh-er"?
                I called her "Pepper" in person. Now I feel like a fool.

          2. I recall Dick pronouncing it KEN-is for his first game, before mentioning a ways into the broadcast that he now prefers to be called "Kenny".

                1. I was actually implying that Dick had done his research and had corrected himself. I believe "Kenny" to be the proper pronunciation/nickname.

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