42 thoughts on “2014 Game 142: Angels @ Twins”

  1. Prior to this season, there were four pitchers with more wins than walks (and qualified for the ERA title) in the modern era. Carlos Silva equaled his win total in 2005. Iwakuma and Hughes are on pace to match Silva's feat.

    1. If Hughes or Iwakuma manages to exceed their walk total, it will be the first time it's happened in the AL, ever.

      1. Hughes also tied Saberhagen with an 11/1 K/BB ratio for the best ever after tonight. Of course, Saberhagen's was for a full season. So, Hughes has a chance at being the best for a full season.

  2. Bremer worried about sending in a patchwork of relievers to finish the game because Perkins is unavailable. I say just ride Hughes until the 27th out.

  3. F*ck these guys. F*ck this team. I simply will not pay one more iota ofattention to this club in 2014. I was really looking forward to bringing my firstborn son to a Minnesota Twins baseball game this fall. F*ck that. Not. Gonna. Happen.

  4. "He's in the cleanup spot to drive the baseball. 'Get 'em over' is for the little guys. 'Get 'em in' is for the big guys," the manager said. "He's just trying to put the barrel on it and hit it hard. If the guy makes a mistake, he will hit it in the seats. To try to tell him to slap the ball to right, I won't do that."

    But I thought Gardy had a srubinni fixation!

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