21 thoughts on “Game Log #143: Angels at Twins in progress”

  1. Didn't see a game log, so here it is. I know people are getting hopeless, but I'd hate to see a game without a game log. Or without a comment, for that matter.

  2. And unless the game goes long, I'm probably done for today. I have the worship service at the local nursing home this afternoon, and the chances are the game will be done by the time I get back. Come on, Twins! Avoid that sweep!

  3. I got in my wife's kayak and checked out the Mississippi River near my home.
    I thought I was just avoiding the vikings, but I guess my avoision was doing double-duty.

    Kayaking: like biking, but on water and with your arms.

    1. my wife's kayak
      She bought it on a whim the summer before we got married. She's probably in fourth place in usage after her parents and I.

  4. California Curse continues. Twins have been swept 7 times this season, 5 times from California teams. Twins finish season 4-20 against California teams, including 3-1 against the Padres. So, 1-20 vs. good California teams.

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